Business & Programme support - Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs

Business & Programme support

Your local contact points: The Intermediary Organisations (IOs)

The programme is managed locally by a network of intermediary organisations (IOs) such as Chambers of Commerce, incubators or other organisations which support businesses and are already involved in promoting entrepreneurship at European, national or local level.

They are selected to establish contacts between new entrepreneurs (NEs) and host entrepreneurs (HEs). They are your local contact points and their main task is to facilitate successful relationships between NEs and HEs. To this end they promote the programme, offer information, validate the applications, arrange contacts, issue commitments and provide support for the stay. Every relationship between an NE and an HE needs two IOs (one as the contact IO for the NE and the other as the contact IO for the HE), as the NE and HE must be from different countries. 

Support Office

A Support Office established at European level and cooperating closely with the European Commission and the IOs ensures consistency in the work done by the IOs and enhances the pan-European dimension of the mobility scheme. This role is performed by EUROCHAMBRES, the European Association of Chambers of Commerce and Industry.