The exchange in practice - Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs

The exchange in practice

How does the exchange process work?

The process comprises the following four phases:

1. Application
Whether you are a new or experienced entrepreneur, you can participate by applying via the online registration tool. At this stage, you will also need to contact an intermediary organisation of your choice. This local contact point will be responsible for verifying your application, and if all requirements are met, accepting it. Application and participation in the programme are free of charge. No application or participation fees must be requested by any organisation.

2. Matching
Once your application has been accepted, you will have access to an on-line database of new and host entrepreneurs also participating in the programme. To find a suitable partner for the exchange, you can make up to 5 proposals from this database. Your local contact point is responsible for facilitating contact between entrepreneurs and they will help you look for a partner.

3. Commitment and preparation
The parties involved (i.e. new entrepreneur, host entrepreneur and their responsible local contact points) draft a "Commitment to Quality” consisting of a description of the work/learning project, objectives, tasks, responsibilities, deliverables, financial conditions and legal implications of the exchange. The local contact points also organise activities such as trainings to prepare the new entrepreneur for the exchange.

4. Implementation phase
You complete the exchange, in one or more time slots in accordance to your needs (see below) and will be asked to fill an online feedback questionnaire at the end. The responsible local contact points will monitor the quality of the exchange on a regular basis and will evaluate the results.

Length of the cross-border co-operation

The stay abroad may vary between one and six months in total, and must be completed within an overall time span of twelve months. Within this time span, the stay may be divided into a number of shorter time slots (minimum one week per slot), which the new entrepreneur will spend abroad with the host entrepreneur.