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New entrepreneur profile

Can I participate as a start-up entrepreneur?

You can participate in the programme as a new entrepreneur if: 
  • You are firmly planning to start a business, based on a viable business plan;
  • You have less than 3 years of total entrepreneurial experience.
Your (future) company or activity can be in any sector and there is no age limit (Note: all participants must be over 18 years old). 

However, you must also:
  • Be a permanent resident in one of the Participating Countries
  • Have a concrete project or business idea, reflected in a business plan;
  • Be motivated and committed to collaborate during your stay with an experienced entrepreneur from another Participating Country; be prepared to contribute to the development of the host entrepreneur's business and make your skills and competences available;
  • Be ready to complement the programme funds as needed to cover the costs of your stay abroad.
Note that new entrepreneurs can only take part in the programme once



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