Activities & responsibilities - Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs

Activities & responsibilities

As a new entrepreneur in the Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs programme, you will have the following tasks and responsibilities:

  • Draft and sign a "Commitment to Quality” which ensures the smooth working relationship between you and your host entrepreneur. Among others, it sets out the objectives of the stay and a proposed plan of activities during the stay;
  • Sign an agreement with your local contact point for the payment of the grant for your stay, specifying the tasks, responsibilities, financial conditions and legal implications of the project within the agreed timetable;
  • Submit a feedback questionnaire after your stay abroad, describing the work performed, the skills and knowledge you acquired and the benefits of the exchange on the development of your own business;
  • Contribute to a successful and productive stay.

Together with your host entrepreneur, you will decide which activities you will carry out during your stay. They can include:

  • Shadow and work with your experienced host entrepreneur;
  • Conduct market research and develop new business opportunities;
  • Participate in projects of entrepreneurship development, innovation and research & development;
  • Improve or sharpen your business plan;
  • Understand business finance;
  • Discover the branding, sales and marketing strategies of the host entrepreneur's company.

Have a look at the exchange success stories to get an overview of the wide range of activities undertaken by new entrepreneurs during their stay abroad.