My EYE project in Belgium

The Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs programme  gave me the great  opportunity to be part of an enterprise of horses breeding  and of show jumping horses in one of the best countries in the world for the business : Belgium.

My experience of 15 years as an employee with management functions of the breeding and equestrian Centre in Northern Italy, Pavia, has created the conditions to become in 2018 an independent entrepreneur because I wanted to start up a business with my personal idea of breeding horses.

I have always been inspired by the sectorial business culture of Belgium but I never had the chance to get to know this market  from inside: this opportunity was offered to me by the EYE Programme.

When my father heard about the Programme in a radio announcement, I run to the closest contact point which was  in Milan were we started to work to prepare my exchange.

The sector was very specific and I found a very interesting company to which I proposed to be part of the  Programme.  My HE, Mr Frantz Ducci, proved to be extremely available to accompany me on this adventure. We started the exchange and I transferred my competition horses and breeding foals to his beautiful facility in Enghien.

During the six months exchange, thanks to the continous mentoring of my HE,  I was able to make a great experience in many fields: I learned the rules of the competitions here in Belgium to which I also participated with my horses preparing them every day at Frantz’s stable; I was able to attend very important events such as the European Championship in Rotterdam, the World Championship of Young Horses in Lanaken, the Stephex Master in Brussels; I also had the opportunity to follow the breeding activity in a country completely different from Italy learning the various types of management and I was able to compare myself with qualified professionals on the genealogical lines to be developed also according to the market trends and the sports results that determine them.  I also came into contact with many figures in this world, such as professional riders, world-renowned breeders and several clients. I was finally able to invest in learning foreign languages: day after day I was able to improve my English and now I also speak French in an increasingly natural way. My HE found a good Italian partner and we will keep to collaborate.

So after this wonderful experience and thanks to My HE Franz, I feel stronger and more aware and experienced as entrepreneur and I’m ready to take efficient decisions for my business and my horses.


Susanna Cremaschi (IT)
I'm Italian entrepreneur of 38 years old that has an exchange in Belgium in the area of breeding and training of sport horses.
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