I can't believe my Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs exchange has already ended.

spent 3 very intense and interesting months, full of challenges and difficulties. However, from the various difficulties that I faced, I drew personal lessons that have also helped me to benefit from them. I started a new habit, I learned to manage, through a specific app, the economic income taking into account all the expenses, thus helping me to define a monthly spending budget.

The activities I carried out were very interesting but there were also quiet periods. The team at Tinta nos Nervos have taught me to interact with customers, order books and artwork from art, write supplier sales reports every month, and more. I had lunch with them and we communicated in English but when they spoke Portuguese, I tried to make an effort to understand them, helping me to improve listening.

During my EYE exchange, I dedicated myself to the realization of the contents of the editorial plan of the store, I spoke with international customers, every Saturday I participated in events in the morning on artistic workshops while in the afternoon I presented books and I dealt with social media, photos and videos. I had the opportunity to meet artists, writers and other entrepreneurs of the cultural environment and also made a video interview with a local Portuguese artist. During my stay in Lisbon, a client of mine, a contemporary art painter, came to visit me and together we visited various art galleries to create collaborations.

I launched my new YouTube channel, where I shared my experiences from the other side of the world and, at the same time, tried to promote opportunities for young people to have an experience abroad. I opened an Instagram page on my web design agency, implementing the editorial plan with new content. I have improved my website, including a version in English. Iimproved my business plan (the economic part) with the help of the host entrepreneur and got practical advice to implement it and present my services.

I completed my Portuguese course, reaching the A1 level after only 2 months. Now, I can have conversations in Portuguese, thanks to the help of Brazilian friends and work colleagues. I have completed a UX Design Specialist Certificate and have created case studies for my portfolio.

I travelled, visited Porto (the second largest city in the country) and also beautiful beaches. I lived the culture of Lisbon to the fullest, thanks to my enterprising spirit. Indeed, when I am abroad I leave my comfort zone because I love talking to international people, understanding new cultures and ways of doing.

Soon, I will start a new exchange project and collaborate with a publishing house in Lisbon, where I will create the e-commerce site and take care of the management of social networks to start selling online. In the meantime, I will dedicate myself to opening my own company and building a more stable online presence.

Lisbon is a wonderful city and here I am trying to start my freelance business thanks to the Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs program.

Abroad I have lived both happy moments but also a crisis of loneliness but I have never given up. Living abroad is wonderful because you are independent and free but at the same time it is not easy because you have to understand where you are, know and build relationships with new people and different cultures, look for accommodation, settle in a new environment. These are all factors that help you grow as a person, become more disciplined and responsible.

The words I use when meeting new people are: making friends with people who are not your age. Meeting people whose first language is not yours. Knowing someone who is not of your social class. This is how you see the world. This is how you grow up.

What are you waiting for? Now is the right time to shape your future!



Enrico Armenia (IT)
Hi, I'm Enrico, originally from Italy. I'm creative, dreamers, travellers, independent person. Currently, I'm doing EYE in Lisbon in a Bookstore
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