Artjola's story - A successful business networking in Munich


Entrepreneurship? For me this word signifies a whole new world that I discovered thanks to the Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs (EYE) programme!

My name is Artjola. I come from Albania and am glad to share with you my six-month story in Munich and how much this experience has changed my life!

My interest in entrepreneurship began while I was studying at the Medical University in Tirana, with the aim of becoming a qualified Laboratory Technician. During this time, I dreamed about starting my own business and even started reading some business-related books.

My business idea was to bring an innovative approach to the medical system in my home country. I knew that I would need to get some more practical knowledge, so I started looking for opportunities that would give me more insights to develop my business plan. This is when Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs came into play!

I discovered the EYE programme while taking part in seminars and events devoted to entrepreneurship in my country. I was immediately attracted by the initiative, and applied in October 2018.

Through the EYE programme, I was able to get in contact with Dr. Juan Leonardo Martinez, Co-founder of Colorimetrix GmbH, which is a medical technology company based in Munich. Colorimetrix develops apps that allow colorimetric tests to be analysed digitally using a smartphone.

Having the chance to spend six months working at Colorimetrix was the perfect opportunity for me, because my business idea is also about a mobile-based medical application that requires similar technology.

The collaboration was amazing and I am very grateful to Juan and his colleagues for their mentoring and support. Not only did they give me insights about European market regulations and how to go about developing a successful business, but they also listened to my ideas and took them on board.

As part of our exchange, I also went with Juan Leo to various conferences and events focusing on digital healthcare and entrepreneurship, where I met people who could be potential partners for my future business activities.

With the help of my host entrepreneur, I have developed a high fidelity prototype of my own application called 'PT Connect', which I have presented at various tech and startup events. Now I have a structured plan and a proper long term picture of my business.

Another highlight of my experience was meeting another new entrepreneur from the EYE programme - Claudia from Spain - who is working to develop open access services for data compilation and exchange. We met each other at a networking event organised by UnternehmerTUM, which is one of the organisations coordinating the EYE programme in Germany. Claudia and I bonded over our common interests and have become good friends, attending many events together.

The Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs programme has not only helped me to grow personally and professionally, but it has also given me a practical direction for developing my business. Now I am aware of the steps to be taken and relationships to be built for entering the target market. My next step is to cultivate the right collaborations in order to bring my product idea to life!

I am grateful for the EYE experience, which has introduced me to a new world of possibilities and most importantly to my mentor and his team. Knowing that I will always have his support is a great confidence booster!



Artjola Puja (AL)
Artjola Puja (Albania) Age: 22 years old Duration of EYE program: 6 months Company name: Colorimetrix GmbH/ Pearl Fertility Sector: Digital health
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