EYE Global project

In the previous Erasmus for Young Entrepreneur exchange programme I developed with the host entrepreneur a new business plan about a new enterprise offering services in the medical field. Thanks to these activities, after the programme I won a grant for the development of products about a case for medicine: IOT and ICT platform to help patients to manage their diseases.

In addition, I wrote a business plan to create a company in Italy, which is currently under approval. I really think that taking previously part in the EYE programme was fundamental for the grant that I won and for all prototypes that I had developed ever since.

Through the EYE Global project, I had the opportunity to take part in a 3 months business exchange in Singapore. With the advice of the host entrepreneur we have created a business plan and business strategies in order to expand my market in Europe and Asia. 

I also organised focus groups with clients. Additionally, I developed a concept of a new product to create a new solution in the medical field.


Fabio Loche (IT)

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