What EYE means to me

It has been a couple of years since I have no feel satisfied with applying ideas in cooperation with others, since the creating and reflecting process behind was calling me strongly. But that world seemed too wide, too unknown… or we are too less informed and trained and not enough empowered!

Around one year ago, I found out about Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs, and I started growing ideas in my mind. It took me some months of preparation and designing of my business plan, which is a long- term plan, but which I would not detailed and reflected on without this "push” of considering it possible… Then, I started looking for organizations, passing through a complex process and getting to know a lot of amazing people and organizations. And finally, I got the "match” with a tiny organization with big actions, AddArt. I ended up in Thessaloniki, Greece, an amazing sunny city full of history and incredible people.

I learnt and I´m still learning about all these "behind the scenes” and "know-how” that I was looking for, and that unfortunately is lacking in our educational systems, and which is also difficult to reach in our professional lives nowadays – at least in my home country-.

This program allows you to explore deeper into entrepreneurship and gain practical skills and knowledge in how to effectively run an organization. I expect that after this experience, I will have a big toolkit with managing and organizational skills that will allow me to create consistent and realistic projects on my own, and not just letting ideas in the front desk of a boss.

When I started applying for the program, I wanted to gain practical resources that would help me transform my ideas into tangible actions, and I wanted to gain business skills to develop this ideas not only into social transformation but also into a way of living that sustains me and at the same time it is sustainable for society. I expected that having a deep glimpse into other´s project, how they grew and consolidate, I will empower myself to start over "landing” ideas and organizing them into possible projects. Although I realize this would be a lifelong process and you cannot find all the answers in the same place – that would be easy but lacking complexity!-, but for sure the EYE program is an amazing opportunity to make steps towards this direction.

Not only for entrepreneurship skills, I think EYE Program also gives you the opportunity of live and experience other socio-cultural schemas, other landscapes and backgrounds, which is an important skill itself, regarding both our personal and professional lives! This internationalization allow us to learn from each other and open our minds, in all levels and dimensions, being enriching both for the new entrepreneur and for the hosting one.

I feel grateful for the opportunity and I would encourage anyone starting/planning to start a new business or project to take this step!


Ángela Rodríguez Bueno (ES)
28 years. Social services, psychology, education, community building. EYE in Thessaloniki, Greece.
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