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New entrepreneur:
Faris Lukovac (Bosnia And Herzogovina)
Age: 29
Company name: (Start-up)
Sector of activity: Music, theater, events and related cultural and entertainment services

“Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs is the best experience before entering the field of your expertise.”

Host entrepreneur:
Željko Trezner (Croatia)
Age: 53
Company name: Ferial d.o.o. / https://ferial.hr/ (27 years of experience)
Sector of activity: Music, theater, events and related cultural and entertainment services

“Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs was a great opportunity for me personally and for my company to share values to share skills and enthusiasm from young entrepreneurs.”

Period of exchange: 05/2021 until 10/2021
Duration of exchange: Four months


Results and benefits


10 new contacts
Event Management, especially in Tourism


Faris Lukovac was born in Croatia during the war, but he grew up in Bosnia. His life's journey took him to university in Serbia. His goal was to compare these two neighbouring countries and their economic environment. This gave him a clear idea of how meaningless the borders between them are and how much potential his region has. During the pandemic, people lost all opportunities to travel and get to know other countries. This has had a huge impact on individuals. When he read about the EYE programme on social media, he got hopeful that he could realise his dream and decided to apply. He expected to learn from a successful entrepreneur how to improve the business skills needed to work in event production, which also produces audiovisual content for television and film. He also hoped to learn how to choose an appropriate marketing strategy.

He decided to exchange ideas with Željko Trezner, the director of Ferial d.o.o. Together they worked on the pre-production and production of small and large events in Zagreb and Karlovac. Faris' tasks became more extensive as time went on. He began to work on producing content for family-friendly cultural and night-out events for some seasonal locations. Under Željko's supervision, he took care of communicating with clients (including booking dates and setting up locations) and running an entire project. His daily tasks also included the technical aspects of the event, i.e. audio and video support, as well as the technical requirements and implementation of live streaming. Ferial was in charge of video production at the Pula Film Festival; this includes recording and film editing of interviews, social media content and side events of the day! He accompanied them throughout the festival.

"This experience completely changed my way of thinking," Faris says. He had the opportunity to work with professionals who are in his field of business. This has helped him become very flexible when it comes to adapting to a different environment and challenges. Also, every successfully completed project is a success for him. He has expanded his network and established relationships with people that will hopefully lead to successful joint entrepreneurial projects in the near future. He says that this has been an experience that has enhanced him as a person, as a professional and as an aspiring entrepreneur.

For more information, please contact the local contact points involved in the exchange:

New entrepreneur's contact point:
Udruzenje Zene za Zene International (Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzogovina)

Host entrepreneur's contact point:
Act Grupa (Cakovec, Croatia)

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