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New entrepreneur:
Wawrzyniec Wróblewski (Poland)
Age: 31
Company name: Wawrzyniec Wróblewski - http://katontheroof.com/ (Start-up)
Sector of activity: IT, office and communication equipment, services and supplies

Participating in EYE proved to be a great opportunity to gain valuable experience in designing interfaces for software helping to digitize processes in SMEs.

Host entrepreneur:
David Hahn (Germany)
Age: 29
Company name: remberg GmbH - remberg.de (6 years of experience)
Sector of activity: IT, office and communication equipment, services and supplies

The EYE programme helped us to gather mutual experience with the value of UI/UX design for our product but also on how to set up a design process and system within our company.

Period of exchange: 04/2021 until 08/2021
Duration of exchange: 4 months


Business sector of the exchange


IT, office and communication equipment, services and suppliers, in particular UX/UI Design and IT & Business Software (CRM)


David Hahn has been working on how machinery and equipment manufacturers (OEMs) are moving from traditional business models to more service-oriented models. Since 2018, he has been managing director of remberg GmbH, a high-tech company based in Munich that has developed software that allows them to add additional services to their machines in the aftermarket.

Wawrzyniec Wróblewski has gained professional experience in many fields, ranging from graphic design, illustration, typesetting to 3D graphics, game and UI /UX design, focusing on the design and implementation of digital products/services for SMEs. He decided to start working with remberg to explore the tools to digitise traditional services. 

His expectations from the exchange were to gain knowledge about the specific processes behind developing complex software and delivering the product that meets the users' needs in the best possible way. David wanted to be supported by a professional in the field of design of digital products.

The core activity of the exchange included the creation and the setup of a design system and to evolve the prototyping process within the team. During the exchange several 1-on-1 feedback sessions were held focusing on a variety of reflection points and the entrepreneurs developed additional graphic materials. Other sessions included the topic of SaaS business and start-up growth.

The New Entrepreneur, Wawrzyniec, worked on four core areas. Firstly, the creation of a foundation for producing a professional design system was set-up. Secondly, he took over the design of the currently requested features. Thirdly, the he set up the prototyping processes in collaboration with the product team. Lastly, he helped with the creation of internal graphic materials.

David profited from Wawrzyniec’s background and skills as he set up a scalable Design Systemfor prototyping. Furthermore, Wawrzyniec showed David how to use Figma at scale and within a remote collaboration setup efficiently. Thereby, the host entrepreneur’s team was integrated and instructed on how to apply the newly established design process. Additionally, the value of good design was discussed and communicated between Wawrzyniec and David. As an outcome, the prototyping speed was increased by a factor of 2 times to 4 times.

The new entrepreneur improved his skills in the design process of things by interpreting the user interviews and through creating user flows. He also benefitted from the exchange by partaking in an internal hackathon and creating UI designs for the software.

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New entrepreneur's contact point:

Host entrepreneur's contact point:
UnternehmerTUM GmbH (Garching, Germany)

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