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New entrepreneur:
Giuseppe Loveno Garofalo (Italy)
Age: 24
Company name: (Start-up)
Sector of activity: Legal, fiscal and other consultancy services

This collaboration represented a significant chance to increase my expertise on legal topics. My start-up business will start strongly thanks to this insightful experience.

Host entrepreneur:
Dimitri Dombret (Belgium)
Age: 46
Company name: D&D Consulting Company - (7 years of experience)
Sector of activity: Legal, fiscal and other consultancy services

This cooperation with Giuseppe will turn into an effective partnership in the future.

Period of exchange: 09/2021 until 12/2021
Duration of exchange: 3.57 months


Business sector of the exchange


Legal fiscal and other consultancy services


Giuseppe Loveno Garofalo is an aspiring entrepreneur from Italy who dreams of setting up an EU law consulting agency in his home country. Therefore, he wanted to grasp everything necessary to achieve his goal through a thorough analysis of the scenario where it is most intense: Belgium, where he wanted to learn about the dynamics and scenarios in which an advisory agency operates. He decided to work on his business idea with Dimitri Dombret, the founder of D&D Consulting Services. Dimitri was keen to share his many years of experience in management consulting in order to expand his business to Italy. He also needed additional support with his current clients. Therefore, he was looking for someone who was willing to get involved in the practise.

The cooperation focused on involving Giuseppe in all the related activities that an EU legal advice agency in Belgium entails. These activities covered a range of areas and topics, from monitoring legislation to client acquisition and organising events. In particular, the two entrepreneurs focused on monitoring EU decision-making processes and EU legislation in specific areas, especially public health and the environment, and identifying issues of concern to clients. Together they identified EU grants and tenders according to the client profile (mostly environmental NGOs wishing to apply for tenders based on the new EU funding programmes). They analysed the client's profile and later held meetings with potential clients to explain the company's services and why they meet their needs. Giuseppe also assisted Dimitri in organising events and conferences to promote the clients' interests. He participated in legal advice for the amendment of EU legislation according to the client's interests and approached the relevant MEPs and Commission staff on the client's behalf. Finally, they succeeded in drafting position papers to raise awareness of the client's concerns among policy makers.

At the end of the exchange, Giuseppe gained a comprehensive insight into the practical work of a counselling service and an extensive knowledge of how to empathise with clients and respond to their needs. He was also able to broaden his knowledge of EU legal procedures and specific EU policies through a hands-on approach. He managed to consistently expand his network so that he can now benefit from certain contacts in his future. On the other hand, Dimitri increased the quality of his services through Giuseppe's legal relevant knowledge and was able to reach a larger number of new potential clients. Moreover, Dimitri could eventually extend his services to clients in northern Italy.

For more information, please contact the local contact points involved in the exchange:

New entrepreneur's contact point:
Associazione Artigiani E Piccole Imprese Mestre Cgia (Venezia Mestre, Italy)

Host entrepreneur's contact point:
Agence Bruxelloise pour l'Accompagnement de l'Entreprise (Brussels, Belgium)

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