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New entrepreneur:
Ieva Vaitkeviciute (Lithuania)
Age: 30
Company website (Start-up)
Sector of activity: Health, beauty and social services

I wish to create an impact-driven workplace for the talent of today. I would definitely recommend this experience to anyone who wants to build a social enterprise. Nowadays, our business plan is evolving every day as we grow along with new clients coming in

Host entrepreneur:
Veronika Bucur (Germany)

Company website
Sector of activity: Crafts, art materials and accessories

I am thankful to Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs for this experience! It gave both Ieva and me valuable time to improve and learn from each other

Period of exchange: 11/2020 until 04/2021
Duration of exchange: 5 months


Results and benefits


5 new jobs created
Emotional health


Ieva Vaitkeviciute is a young entrepreneur from Vilnius, Lithuania. She is the founder of Mindletic, a company that aims to fight mental health stigma and encourage everyone to take care of their mental health on a regular basis. Her main goal in participating was to explore the German market as a potential for expansion and build connections to pursue scaling opportunities for Mindletic. "This programme was also beneficial for my dear colleague Ieva Sapalaite and helped us connect with two participating guys, Simas and Domas, who are now both helping us build this social business tool," says Ieva Vaitkeviciute, who travelled to Germany to participate in the programme.

She spent 5 months in Berlin learning from her mentor and various entrepreneurs in the ecosystem. Her host, Veronika Bucur, is the owner of Ingmar Studio, an international business. She also has experience in strategic marketing and communication. Ieva claims that her host gave valuable suggestions for building business in the EU and marketing ideas for scaling Ieva's start-up not only in Germany but also in other countries. "I would definitely recommend this experience to anyone who wants to build a social enterprise," Ieva smiles. "Nowadays, our business plan is evolving every day as we grow along with new clients coming in."

Ieva says that the programme has brought her a lot, as it gave her the opportunity to explore the German market from different angles. "I improved my language skills, learned how to use different technical solutions and expanded my network," she says. After the exchange, the entrepreneur expanded her team, further developed the product, grew the customer base and was able to secure a round of funding to further expand Mindletic. "I wanted to become an entrepreneur to make a social impact, make a difference in the mental health space and create a purposeful workplace," she says. "I see Mindletic growing into an international mental health SaaS that covers the daily practises of many mindful mental health employers. Making this issue part of the routine, like going to the gym or brushing your teeth."

For more information, please contact the local contact points involved in the exchange:

New entrepreneur's contact point:
European social entrepreneurship and innovative studies institute (Kaunas, Lithuania)

Host entrepreneur's contact point:
Italienische Handelskammer Für Deutschland (Frankfurt, Germany)

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