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New entrepreneur:
Gabriele Vagnetti (Italy)
Age: 27
Company name: (Start-up)
Sector of activity: Advertising,Promotion, Media

The experience of Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs was a turning point in my training path and I recommend it to anyone who wants to add value to their business, but even more to young people who need practical experience after their studies in order to follow an optimal working path.

Host entrepreneur:
Simon BECKER (Germany)
Age: 41
Company name: Studio B2302 Simon Becker/ (11 years of experience)
Sector of activity: Advertising,Promotion, Media

Participating again in the Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs programme was an opportunity to cooperate with a young designer - a collaboration that allowed me to learn about new tools for designing digital interfaces Gabriele's (new entrepreneur) main area of interest.

Period of exchange: 03/2021 until 07/2021
Duration of exchange: 4 months


Results and benefits


6 new contacts
art direction brand identities editorial design screen design posters and typography


Simon Becker, a graphic designer from Berlin, is a host entrepreneur and owner of B2302, a design studio specialising in print illustration and typography.

Gabriele Vagnetti, an Italian new entrepreneur with a background in communications and digital product design who aspires to freelance as a graphic designer in Italy and Germany, wanted to be involved in all phases of his host's work. From liaising and mediating with clients to managing the work budget and sharing opinions and expertise, as a young graduate he would add value to the development of new ideas and creative processes. After looking at each other's profiles, the two decided to begin an enriching exchange and establish peer-to-peer communication for professional collaboration.
During their exchange, the NE had the opportunity to greatly deepen his knowledge of UI /UX thanks to the projects he had worked on. He was able to improve his piratical skills in the use of innovative and specific software (Figma), for which the host entrepreneur showed great interest and expressed the desire to use it in his daily work. Gabriele had the opportunity to actively participate in communication with customers. He learned how best to communicate with and manage multiple clients and projects at once, and was made aware of how to calculate and manage budgets. It was also important to learn about the market and competitors in the city of Berlin. More importantly, it was working with a team of professionals who enriched him with all the aspects of project management that can only be learned in this way.

After this experience, NE has a much clearer view of the target market and competitors. He made contacts with professionals he can work with in the future and had the opportunity to work with during the exchange. One of the aspects to consider is improving the language we use daily at work, which in his case was English as he worked with an international team. Thanks to the excellent relationship and the willingness of the host entrepreneur, this experience helped the NE increase his motivation to continue on this path and helped him improve his skills as a graphic designer, giving him more confidence and better tools with which to evaluate his work and start a career.

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Hochschule Fulda University of Applied Sciences (Fulda, Germany)

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