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New entrepreneur:
Agnès Anne (France)
Age: 51
Company name: (Start-up)
Sector of activity: Education and training services

This experience opened my mind. I learnt to face new challenges. Working side by side with Oriol was incredible and stimulated new ideas for my business project. I expanded my network and I feel much more able to develop my own business now.

Host entrepreneur:
Oriol Costa Lechuga (Spain)
Age: 43
Company name: EcoRegió (21 years of experience)
Sector of activity: Organic/Bio/Eco products & services

It was definitely a good experience and a very interesting collaboration. Agnès helped me to get valuable insights from both sides of the border and to promote EcoRegió and its activities in France.

Period of exchange: 03/2021 until 08/2021
Duration of exchange: 6


Results and benefits


€ 3300 turnover increase (NE)
3 new contracts
1 new country reached
1 new country reached
15 new contacts
Creation of language courses and trainings


Agnès Anne is an aspiring entrepreneur from France. She considered the Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs programme a great opportunity to acquire competences and sufficient skills to realise her own business idea - to offer French business and negotiation courses to Spanish companies. Agnès was determined to expand her business and offer courses to companies in Catalonia and eventually throughout Spain. However, she felt blocked in her marketing skills and needed support in developing a stronger product, communication strategy and her network on both sides of the border.

Oriol Costa Lechuga, an experienced entrepreneur from Spain, is the CEO and founder of EcoRegió, a business community for organic food. He wanted to set up a bilingual course, using the training already developed for the Spanish market to see if it could be extended to the French market. He also wanted to expand his network of business contacts in France. For five and a half months, Oriol mentored Agnès while she helped Oriol internationalise his project thanks to her previous experience.

Agnès learnt how to work with tools such as Scrum, Trello and Inception. She also attended many meetings with Oriol's network, which helped her expand her contacts and gave her new ideas for developing her business. On the advice of her mentor, she developed her marketing strategy and also took a course in neurolinguistic coaching, which gave her more recognition when approaching new clients.

Oriol promoted EcoRegió's concept of a green cross-border economy by offering one of its training courses in both Spanish and French to explore new opportunities for cross-border collaboration.

After this exchange, Agnès is confident that she can attract new clients and has already found a new market segment to target. She has created new content for her courses and packages to meet the needs of her clients and has almost completed the preparation of her website. She has also expanded her network considerably, establishing contacts with French companies in the hemp sector and with bilingual teachers. On the other hand, thanks to her contribution, Oriol has produced a guide to promote EcoRegió in France and translated a training program on the regenerative economy.

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New entrepreneur's contact point:
Institut Méditerranéen d’Etudes et Recherche en Informatique et Robotique (Perpignan, France)

Host entrepreneur's contact point:

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