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New entrepreneur:
Chiara Escalona (Italy)
Age: 28
Company name: Escalona Architecture&Design (Start-up)
Sector of activity: Architectural, construction, engineering and inspection services

“You will never know your limits until you push yourself to them.”

Host entrepreneur:
ROUSSELLE Christophe (France)
Age: 44
Company name: Christophe Rousselle Architecte (16 years of experience)
Sector of activity: Architectural, construction, engineering and inspection services

Period of exchange: 04/2021 until 08/2021
Duration of exchange: 4


Business sector of the exchange




Chiara Escalona is a young Neapolitan architect who has always dreamed of starting her own business in her native Italy. However, she felt that she had to find a way to change the Italian architectural reality by taking inspiration from a foreign reality. Chiara decided to look for a mentor in France, as she wanted to understand the dynamics behind the country's success in real estate, as opposed to the Italian architectural market. For this reason, as soon as she heard about the Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs programme from a friend, she decided to participate as a young entrepreneur to achieve her goals. She was welcomed by Christophe Rousselle who runs an architecture firm in Paris and works on large projects for sustainable housing, a market that is not yet very developed in Italy.

The experience was even more profitable than Chiara thought. She knew she would learn many aspects of business management, but thanks to working with Christophe, she also gained experience in dealing with unforeseen events and conflicts. Chiara worked on large projects, not only as an architect, but also as a project manager, maintaining relationships with key clients, meeting with various workers, dealing with quotations with other companies and subcontractors, having conversations with thermoacoustic engineers, and more. She felt warmed by the trust Christophe placed in her, giving her activities that required a certain level of responsibility and knowledge. There were moments when she thought she would not make it, but Christophe always encouraged her and taught her some tricks that will surely come in handy when she starts her business.

Chiara feels that she has discovered new aspects about herself in dealing with difficult situations. She learned how to manage her time, connect with clients, express herself, multitask, and de-escalate conflict. She honed both her professional and social skills. She also learned not only how to design a large building, but how to manage the process and team behind it, the construction site, and the other employees, as well as the construction practices that follow the process. Chiara made contacts with professionals in the sector who could undoubtedly be profitable one day, Christophe being the first and most important. They plan to stay in touch and develop future collaborations together.

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Host entrepreneur's contact point:
Empow'Her (Paris, France)

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