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New entrepreneur:
Zuzanna Kamińska (Poland)
Age: 22
Company name: (Start-up)
Sector of activity: Clothing, footwear, leather and textile, luggage articles and accessories

This experience had a great influence on my business and personal advancement. In Atena, I developed skills and knowledge about organizational processes. I gained a better understanding of a new culture. Stefano and I created great cooperation, which we plan to continue. Now I'm ready to run my own company.

Host entrepreneur:
Stefano Baroncini (Italy)

Company name: Atena srl - www.atenait.it (35 years of experience)
Sector of activity: IT, office and communication equipment, services and supplies

Hosting Zuzanna enabled us to share our company vision and know-how about our business. We believe to have set the basis for a long-lasting partnership. Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs is a great opportunity for both actors

Period of exchange: 10/2020 until 04/2021
Duration of exchange: 6 months


Results and benefits


2 new companies created
2 new jobs created
1 new job created
2 new countries reached
70 new contacts
Consultancy and Information Technology with specific interest in Finance and Artificial Intelligence applied to Predictive Business Models


Mr. Stefano Baroncini is the Chairman of Atena, a Consultancy and Software company operating in financial strategic sectors. The company developed software called Finance Atena, useful for developing predictive models for economic and financial analysis. Stefano’s goal was to internationalize this specific product, thus he decided to apply to the EYE programme as a Host entrepreneur. With more than 35 years of experience, he was eager to share his extended knowledge with someone new to the field. Polish would-be entrepreneur Zuzanna Kamińska just graduated in Business management, and after years of education and work experience, she was resolved in her idea to start her own business. She was looking for opportunities to make her plans more solid and boost her confidence and skills to launch her company internationally and when she heard of the EYE programme, she decided to get on board as a New entrepreneur.

The two entrepreneurs started an exchange, during which Zuzanna analyzed the Italian and Polish markets’ general conditions and compared similarities and differences. She cooperated with Stefano to come up with innovative marketing strategies, product presentations, project management models, and workflows. She created a new Business Internationalization Model for the target country and produced successful marketing materials, boosting the internationalization of Finance Atena. Stefano and his team shared with Zuzanna their knowledge about organization management how to automate processes and provide advice accordingly. Both of them developed their contact base internationally. Through Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs, they had the opportunity to develop new ideas together, boost Stefano’s company and develop Zuzanna’s business project and skills by cooperating and sharing information.

Both entrepreneurs found benefits from each other’s assets. Zuzanna earned new skills and experience in the management of a successful enterprise. Stefano, in turn, gained precious knowledge about the Polish market, and thanks to her he started the internationalization process of his company. Zuzanna and Stefano found a perfect partnership, so much so that he decided to maintain his connection with her after the exchange. Zuzanna will manage the Polish and Spanish market for Atena and they are planning to open a new branch in Poland, which she will run. They are even thinking about developing a new company together -"Emotion for Business”-, to create affordable but impactful professional videos.

For more information, please contact the local contact points involved in the exchange:

New entrepreneur's contact point:
Polish Agency for Enterpise Development (Warsaw, Poland)

Host entrepreneur's contact point:
Forma Mentis S.a.s. di Luigi Santapaga e C. (Milan, Italy)

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