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New entrepreneur:
Paolo Malerba (Italy)
Age: 35
Company name: (Start-up)
Sector of activity: Advertising,Promotion, Media

“I couldnt have made a better choice.”

Host entrepreneur:
Stefano De Carlo (Spain)
Age: 40
Company name: AutomatiKing (15 years of experience)
Sector of activity: Advertising,Promotion, Media

“I would like to continue to collaborate with Paolo, since he has a nice attitude and valid professional skills. I considered our exchange a successful experience.”

Period of exchange: 09/2020 until 03/2021
Duration of exchange: 6 months


Business sector of the exchange


Digital Marketing


Paolo Malerba is a 35-year old entrepreneur from Italy. Thanks to his friends he discovered the EYE Programme and decided to take a deeper look into the opportunities that it offers to young entrepreneurs. Paolo became particularly interested in the idea of learning to run his own activity from the field, thanks to the help of an experienced entrepreneur. He boarded on this journey with the certainty that it would help his plans to become a freelance in the Social Media Marketing field and capitalize on his passion for street photography. With the help of Stefano de Carlo, an experienced entrepreneur in digital marketing based in Gran Canaria, he found just what he was looking for!

Both entrepreneurs worked together to develop Automatiking -Stefano’s business- and Paolo’s project. Paolo got to know Stefano’s business management strategies in depth; at the same time, he learnt how to start and run an activity that operates completely online and almost fully remotely, carrying out activities related to time management, team management, business automation, and partner research. Stefano offered Paolo unique tips on selling online materials and video courses - as well as on the marketing strategies behind this - enhancing his knowledge in online advertising and funnel marketing, too. Simultaneously, Paolo provided Stefano with his experiences in photography, video making, and digital marketing, which led to an improvement in the performance of the Host Entrepreneur’s business on all its communication channels.

During this exchange, Paolo learnt a lot and met useful contacts and potential customers. This experience gave him the necessary tools to start his activity in the Digital Marketing sector as a freelance. Stefano, on the other hand, had the opportunity to boost his presence on social media and get new insights on his business from Paolo. Both entrepreneurs considered their collaboration successful and they are planning to set the bases for future business cooperation.

For more information, please contact the local contact points involved in the exchange:

New entrepreneur's contact point:
UNISCO Network per lo Sviluppo Locale (Bari, Italy)

Host entrepreneur's contact point:

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