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New entrepreneur:
Emma Andreetti (Italy)
Age: 27
Company name: Studio Palindromo (Start-up)
Sector of activity: Advertising,Promotion, Media

EYE has been a wonderful experience! I had the chance to meet and share ideas and skills with a very special HE. I acquired new technical skills, insight in the Portuguese creative sector market and a 360° idea of what it means to run a business... and a wonderful partner to collaborate with from now on!

Host entrepreneur:
Marc Parchow (Portugal)
Age: 46
Company name: Qual Albatroz (8 years of experience)
Sector of activity: Advertising,Promotion, Media

Emma integrated in our small team with ease and grace. Very soon she became one of us, joining us at meetings, proposing new projects, helping with the website and developing her own ideas. Her insight and sensitivity made us smarter and her readiness to jump out of her comfort zone made us bolder.

Period of exchange: 07/2020 until 12/2020
Duration of exchange: 5 months


Marc is a designer, book editor, maker, publisher and art teacher; but he is also very skilled with wood, video-editing and plant growing. 

Emma is an illustrator and art teacher who heard about the EYE programme through a friend who had taken part in it and thought it was a great opportunity to have a work experience in Portugal with a small creative business. Emma's idea was to start her own small business in Lisbon thinking it would be beneficial to learn to manage and fill paperwork and start creating a network of fellow professionals. Both entrepreneurs thought they could benefit from each other’s creative input and knowledge. Marc needed fresh ideas and Emma was looking for someone experienced who could teach her how to multitask and run a small sustainable business in the Portuguese creative sector, so the match was ideal!

Emma and Marc did quite a few things together, ranging from cyanotype and silk-screening with natural elements, workshops for families and adults, printing out a series of handmade postcards, to building a summer camp for children about printing techniques and crating DIY school material to silk-screening for clients. 
Both also increased Qual Abatroz's presence and on social media together. Emma gave her host her insight on how to use Instagram, how to work on a website using Wordpress and manage an e-shop, while she learnt how to use a wood-saw and build simple structures out of wood… and how complicated it is to do the accounting and paperwork for a small business like Qual Abatroz!      

Marc was patient and very empowering as a host: he showed the NE the pros and cons of working in this sector and she had the chance to ask many questions. "I have stuck my nose into (almost) everything and felt part of the team I gave my contribution in meeting and brought in a fresh and critical insight”.
As a Young Entrepreneur, Emma discovered some of the everyday troubles and joys of an SME in the creative and educational sector. About how precarious and hectic it can be, but also how staying open and curious opens doors to wonderful and fulfilling projects and collaborations.   

Emma also got new technical skills thanks to Marc's approach. She finally learned how to do silk-screen professionally, work on WordPress to manage a website and treat invoices in Portugal. Marc benefited from the NE's fresh point of view on his business; Emma brought new ideas and points of view with him and he was able to integrate them very well with what he was already doing in terms of the programming of his business activities. He introduced Emma to a variety of clients he had been working with and it was amazing for her to create a network.

For more information, please contact the local contact points involved in the exchange:

New entrepreneur's contact point:
Eduforma S.r.l. (Padova, Italy)

Host entrepreneur's contact point:
Fabrica de Startups (Lisboa, Portugal)

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