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New entrepreneur:
Cristina Siciliano (Italy)
Age: 29
Company name: (Start-up)
Sector of activity: Music, theater, events and related cultural and entertainment services

I am very grateful for this opportunity. 
If it wasn't for covid, we would have networked properly. I should also have stayed longer to get something more for me.

Host entrepreneur:
POCHINI Jonathan (Spain)
Age: 45
Company name: Jonathan Pochini (5 years of experience)
Sector of activity: Education and training services

Without the NE I wouldn't be able to manage to produce these videos which are now part of the communication of my project. I am very grateful for the opportunity that this programme gives me.

Period of exchange: 08/2020 until 09/2020
Duration of exchange: 2


Cristina Siciliano, an actress, worked together with seasoned Host Entrepreneur Jonathan Pochini for this exchange. Her goal was toincrease her confidence and skills to start her businessproperlyoffering onlinelessons, itinerant workshops/events, voice over services

She was looking to start working on her own as the covid-19 pandemic had ruined job opportunities in her fields when Jonathan contacted her for some public speaking lessons. He then told her about Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs and that she could help him more than just teaching but actually making videos for his business. Cristina identified the opportunity to collaborate with an experienced entrepreneur who is well known among digital nomads. The community learns from him and sees if actually being an entrepreneur would be a "dress they could fit in". All this while in the new and exciting environment of the Canary Islands.


In her short period with Jonathan, Cristina participated in the activities aroundvideo making - from brainstorming and writing and correcting the script with him, discussing psychological marketing and sociological terms to use, and finally recording them with her acting in them followed by editing. After that she would show the video to Jonathan and he would give her feedback on what to adjust until it was approved. Once he would publish it get feedback from his Facebook audience, he sat with Cristina and explained to her some SEO tricks and basic insights on Wordpress for her to get better engagement and client acquisition through her website. She in turn, would give him public speaking skills tips.


She obtained a lot of video editing skills and valuable feedback on her business strategy. Despite the pandemic that struck the world at the time of her exchange, Cristina gained a certain amount of business insights, core business contacts. She is certain to collaborate with Jonathan more broadly and he will broaden his network thanks to her experience in the programme

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