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New entrepreneur:
Kristina Nikolovska (Slovenia)
Age: 26
Company name: / (Start-up)
Sector of activity: Industrial machinery production, installation, repair and maintenance

I am very happy to participate in the EYE program. I have gained a lot of knowledge about the robotic industry and how to run a start-up. Also I improved my technical and programming skills. I would encourage young people who are excited about becoming entrepreneurs to participate in the program.

Host entrepreneur:
Stefan Zeidler (Germany)
Age: 50
Company name: Robotcloud UG (15 years of experience)
Sector of activity: Industrial machinery production, installation, repair and maintenance

I am very grateful that Kristina joined us as a NE. Being a small start-up it is always great to get an outside perspective and have new ideas from a NE. Kristina was part of our team joined all our internal meetings and discussions and went with us to our customers and suppliers.

Period of exchange: 02/2020 until 07/2020
Duration of exchange: 5,5 months


Stefan Zeidler is a well-accomplished entrepreneur established in Munich, in Germany. He is founder and co-founder of several start-ups in the sectors of Internet technologies IT, AI and robotics. In 2017, he started Robotcloud UG, a business at the intersection of Artificial Intelligence and Robotics that aims to optimize task planning for industrial production settings using AI methods.

With her master's degree in Robitics and some experience in the field, Kristina Nikolovska from Ljubljana, wanted to deepen her understanding and knowledge on how to put her technical and programming skills into a challenging working environment. After the exchange, she would start her own business "Robots appS”, which is about robotics applications development in industry environment and web support. 

For this reason, she chose Stefan Zeidler as host entrepreneur and flew to Munich in February for a five-month collaboration. During her stay abroad, she learnt how to develop a competitive robotic product and gained knowledge in running a robotics company.

The exchange was a real success for both Kristina and Stefan as they mutually benefited from each other's knowledge and experience. From the beginning of the exchange, the objectives were clear and Kristina got the understanding she wanted in running business processes. She also deepened her knowledge in robotic, finances and familiarised herself with the German market, learned about the competition and consumers. 

Each month, Kristina was introduced to a different aspect of the management of a business, notably the development of a marketing plan of robotics products. She also helped Stefan working on services and on-going projects on robotics solutions. In the last months, Kristina supported Stefan with fresh ideas about the robotic solutions in food industry and has improved the old solutions. 

Stefan helped Kristina with the planning and development of her business idea, notably the marketing and communications plan to get future clients. Thanks to this exchange, Kristina has deepened her knowledge and improved her skills in business management and in robotics. She also gained better knowledge in the technical process of building a new robot solution testing and selling.

Working with Stefan helped Kristina improve her self-confidence further whereas Stefan reached out to a new market in Slovenia. 

For more information, please contact the local contact points involved in the exchange:

New entrepreneur's contact point:
University of Primorska (Koper, Slovenia)

Host entrepreneur's contact point:
UnternehmerTUM GmbH (Garching, Germany)

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