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New entrepreneur:
Karolina Klunduk (Lithuania)
Age: 25
Company name: Maidina / www.laistymoiranga.lt (Start-up)
Sector of activity: Agricultural, forestry, horticultural, aquacultural and apicultural products and services

"Forget all the fears and just try it. Even though it might not meet your expectations you are going to learn something new. I came to this island without no clue about it and left with so many stories to tell. I think that my experience was priceless and if I could I would repeat it once again"

Host entrepreneur:
Gabriel Ferrera (Spain)
Age: 40
Company name: Riegos Atlantico / www.riegosatlantico.com (10 years of experience)
Sector of activity: Agricultural, forestry, horticultural, aquacultural and apicultural products and services

"Knowing Karolina was one of those coincidences that the universe gives you from time to time. At the end of each session in which we collaborate weve talked about several countries politics culture personal experiences and of course knowledge in something that I discovered recently e-commerce"

Period of exchange: 12/2018 until 01/2019
Duration of exchange: 2 months


Karolina Klunduk a participant of Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs has always dreamed of becoming an entrepreneur. When she recently started working in her family’s business she faced some challenges related to the operation of irrigation businesses. Besides Lithuanian market is very small and competitive at the same time thus their company is always looking for the ways to learn more. Due to this a young entrepreneur understood that Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs program might fulfill the gaps in her knowledge baggage. As Karolina says " I understood that I lack practical knowledge how other irrigation businesses are operating. Thus in order to contribute to family business qualitatively I started to search for mentorship opportunities abroad and ended up with EYE. I expected to find a business which would be in the same industry as ours but with very strong e-commerce side."

"My mentor tried to involve me to many different activities. I joined their company to help with e-commerce project so usually we would meet discuss and work on website branding and marketing. I was spending my days in front of computer. However I got to know Spanish irrigation industry learnt about key pla yers competition new brands. I visited company’s warehouse my mentor explained me all the systems they use there and their future plans. "

As Karolina says "While working with my mentor I have collected many interesting ideas about which I haven’t thought before. Soon our business will launch new e-commerce shop which I was working on while in Tenerife. I also got inspired by my mentor Gabriel and we have created few new products which will be launched next season.". Beside this Spanish people love coffee breaks . There coffee breaks are essential people do not imagine their day without going for a cup of coffee in a café nearby their office - whey do not rush to do things. "My work here is pretty intense so first thing I had to learn in Tenerife is to slow down". However Karolina is very happy about that because it made her to develop her personal skills: "usually when I am stressed I tend to do decisions quickly and not always right ones sometimes I have to stop breathe slowly and really think through."

For more information, please contact the local contact points involved in the exchange:

New entrepreneur's contact point:
Asociación Educativa Por La Integración Y La Igualdad (Murcia, Spain)

Host entrepreneur's contact point:
European social entrepreneurship and innovative studies institute (Kaunas, Lithuania)

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