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Recent testimonies of successful business networking - Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs programme

New entrepreneur:
Signe Adamoviča (Latvia)
Age: 30
Company name: IdeAllies (Start-up)
Sector of activity: Legal, fiscal and other consultancy services

‘My stay in Galicia was the most unforgettable experience I had in my life. Tamara was the greatest host entrepreneur I could have ever imagined. This experience highly contributed to my professional and entrepreneurial development’.

Host entrepreneur:
Tamara Rodriguez (Spain)
Age: 36
Company name: IN&S Comunicación e innovación sostenible (3 years of experience)
Sector of activity: Advertising,Promotion, Media

The exchange with Signe had a positive impact on our company. Thanks to a new vision on our business, we could identify new ways to internationalise and extend our services with new projects”.

Period of exchange: 09/2016 until 10/2016
Duration of exchange: 2 months

From North to South: a journey through culture, friendship, and innovation 

Signe Adamoviča is a young woman entrepreneur from Latvia who quit a fixed job to start her own business ‘Ide Allies’, a management consulting company.

Founded in January 2016, the business offers a wide range of consultancy services in the creative industries design innovation and multidisciplinary co-creation.

They provide project management, training and marketing support, strategy development and events organisations.

Signe was interested in an experience in Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs to connect and collaborate with a successful business owner who would show her how Service Design is done is practice.

She got in touch with Tamara Rodriguez, owner of "IN&S IN&S Comunicación e innovación sostenible” in Santiago de Compostela, Spain. The company offers services in communication innovation and sustainability.

Tamara Rodriguez has been running her business for only three years but has broad experience in R&D and communication. Signe thus flew to Spain in September 2016 for a two-month exchange.

During the stay-abroad both entrepreneurs collaborated on various projects, notably Signe had the opportunity to attend the entrepreneurs fair "Pont Up Store” in Pontevedra and the "SPIN 2016” event dedicated to university entrepreneurship in Spain, Portugal and Latin America.

This two-month collaboration, information and experience sharing helped both entrepreneurs get fresh views on their respective business. And most importantly, Signe has developed skills and reinforced her determination and self-confidence.

After the exchange, Tamara and Signe remained in touch and are working together on a wide range of activities including European projects and internationalisation of their business involving in the process other institutions from Latvia and Spain. More concretely, they prepared a proposal for the Erasmus+ programme.

For more information, please contact the local contact points involved in the exchange:

New entrepreneur's contact point:
Nodibinajums TechHub Riga"" (Riga)

Host entrepreneur's contact point:
Cámara Oficial de Comercio, Industria, Servicios y Navegación de Santiago de Compostela (Santiago De Compostela)

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