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Recent testimonies of successful business networking - Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs programme

New entrepreneur:
Anamaria Papastieva (The Republic Of North Macedonia)
Age: 25
Company name: Pixels Studio (Start-up)
Sector of activity: IT, office and communication equipment, services and supplies

EYE program helped me gain technical skills and capabilities but also enriched my networking and communication skills and strengthened my self-confidence and decisiveness in favor of the role of new entrepreneur.

Host entrepreneur:
Ottavio Sgrosso (Italy)
Age: 34
Company name: Pushapp Srl / (7 years of experience)
Sector of activity: IT, office and communication equipment, services and supplies

Hosting Annamaria generated an enormous value to "Pushapp” as her diversity offered a competitive advantage for the improvement of our people and products.

Period of exchange: 06/2016 until 12/2016
Duration of exchange: 6 months

"Pushing Up Entrepreneurship

Anamaria had the dream to establish her own business, a web design and development agency. Although she is an e-business graduate and very competent in marketing, she was aware that the lack of management skills is an obstacle to take the step towards entrepreneurship.

Thanks to the Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs programme, she got in touch with Ottavio Sgrosso, Founder & CEO of "Pushapp”. Ottavio is passionate about digital entrepreneurship and over the last years, he supported several start-ups in the phase of business idea validation.

The most significant aspect of the collaboration between the two entrepreneurs, was Anamaria’s involvement in the Pushapp Lab, a start-up accelerator programme. In the beginning, she shared ideas about promotional materials design, website development and social media promotion. Later on, as the program was evolving, she had the opportunity to be close to the start-ups development. She observed their set up and got familiar with what is needed for their operation during the first months as well as the difficulties arisen in relation to management, advertising and promotion.

For Anamaria, the exchange was extremely useful. Learning how to undertake a whole project, starting from design to final product delivery, benefit her regarding communication, time management and team work. Being able to work independently helped her with self-motivation and to become more self-critical. Being in touch with Pushapp Lab start-ups made her aware of how a new business is established.

For Ottavio, Anamaria’s contribution has been significant as she shared a valuable know-how in front end development, a field which is yet to be mastered by his company. In addition the Young Entrepreneur brought fresh ideas on design and marketing to his acceleration program for digital start-ups.

Annamaria feels more confident now and she is ready to establish her own web design company. Both entrepreneurs are looking forward to continue their cooperation under a business contract.

For more information, please contact the local contact points involved in the exchange:

New entrepreneur's contact point:
Asset Technology (Athens)

Host entrepreneur's contact point:
EDUFORMA S.R.L. (Padova)

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