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Recent testimonies of successful business networking - Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs programme

New entrepreneur:
Richard Prem (Austria)

Company name: Not established yet (Start-up)
Sector of activity: Energy, fuel, electricity and other sources of energy

"These six months in the program have probably given me more insight experience and information then I could have acquired by myself in five years. With my own company I would not have had this broad spectrum of experiences and projects for quite a while.”

Host entrepreneur:
Matthias Voigtmann (Germany)

Company name: Energy Consulting Allgäu (
Sector of activity: Energy, fuel, electricity and other sources of energy

"Overall we could not be happier with how the program and Richard stay with us turned out in general. We formed a very successful business relationship!”

Period of exchange: 09/2013 until 02/2014
Duration of exchange: 6 months

Richard wished to re-focus his working life more into the resource efficiency area and therefore decided to quit his current job to become an entrepreneur. He found about Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs on internet and as he saw a great opportunity in this programme he started searching a business partner. He invited Matthias Voigtmann owner of Energy Consulting Allgäu to join the programme and after a visit to the host company in Kempten (Germany) and a meeting with Matthias he decided to step in!
From his side, Matthias wanted to expand his market to Austria for quite some time. The Austrian energy market being an attractive target thanks the common language and when Richard proposed the business collaboration Matthias immediately accepted it. With his years of experience in the sector Richard could immediately help him on the current projects.

The first day in Kempten was already a "running start”. Both entrepreneurs went right away to a customer site and did an energy audit. Matthias involved Richard in the customer acquisition process from the beginning. They met customers together so Richard could see Matthias’ approach to convince the customer and then discuss it afterwards in private to understand in detail why he proceeded as he did. "It was like being a first-row spectator being able to learn and to even ask questions afterward” said Richard.

Thanks to Richard’s ability to progress quickly Matthias was happy to put responsibility on him from the early stages of his stay at Energy Consulting Allgäu. Soon Richard got to know the project management and controlling from a financial and personnel side. Richard worked directly with Matthias and the management team in order to learn directly from them. Richard brought an important input for the host company as regard to the organisational structure and proved his skills regarding the implementation and maintenance energy or environmental management systems. This ways both entrepreneurs benefited from each other expertise.
Both entrepreneurs decided to continue the collaboration after the business exchange and decided to the set-up a joint venture in Austria.

For more information, please contact the local contact points involved in the exchange:

New entrepreneur's contact point:
Amadeus Association (Vienna)

Host entrepreneur's contact point:
UnternehmerTUM GmbH (Garching)

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