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New entrepreneur:
Valentyna Smachylo (Ukraine)
Age: 45
Company name: ValS (Start-up)
Sector of activity: Education and training services

Entrepreneurship in Europe is about partnership standards and "do everything without hurrying".

Host entrepreneur:
Krzysztof Łątka (Poland)
Age: 45
Company name: Doradztwo i Szkolenia Krzysztof Łątka (10 years of experience)
Sector of activity: Education and training services

Period of exchange: 04/2023 until 07/2023
Duration of exchange: 3 months


Results and benefits


1 new company created
€ 2000 turnover increase (NE)
1 new contract
1 new country reached
9 new contacts
Education and training services


Valentyna Smachylo is an entrepreneur from Ukraine who took advantage of the Erasmus program for young entrepreneurs. Valentyna founded her business on 22 February 2022 in the education and training filed - on the eve of Russia's large-scale invasion of Ukraine. The war brought significant changes in people's lives and business. Thinking about the future, she decided to pay attention to the international aspects of entrepreneurial activity. Through the Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs programme, she contacted Krzysztof Łątka, an owner of the Doradztwo i Szkolenia Krzysztof Łątka. Krzysztof has been engaged in consulting activities in the fields of entrepreneurship, project management, educational services, and medicine for a long time. After a few meetings they came to a decision that knowledge and experience would be useful for Valentyna and Krzysztof.

Valentyna learned a lot about conducting business activities - communication, creating partnerships, opening her own business, bringing new products to the market and forming price offers. she took part in 4 meetings of the Leviathan business club, where with the host entrepreneur she discussed issues of taxation, personnel management, grant opportunities for business and the labor market in Poland. She attended a two-day international congress,  had good cases of creating partnerships with representatives of 6 European countries, created a presentation course on opening a business in Poland, took part in a training on business development in Poland, and project management of the Interreg program. The acquired knowledge allowed Valentyna to open another type of consulting activity - project management, to conclude an agreement for a two-day training and Krzysztof registered his own business as an individual entrepreneur in Ukraine.

Valentyna and Krzysztof plan to cooperate together in a partnership in the field of research on the state of the entrepreneurial and startup ecosystem in Ukraine and Poland, to develop experience in the field of project management. Having gained experience in working with grant applications within the framework of the Interreg Ukraine-Poland program, they plan to jointly advise organizations from Ukraine and Poland on applying for a grant. Valentyna and Krzysztof are currently working on a joint research plan on the state of business projects in Ukraine and Poland, which will be submitted for grant funding.

For more information, please contact the local contact points involved in the exchange:

New entrepreneur's contact point:
Alfred Nobel University (Dnipro, Ukraine)

Host entrepreneur's contact point:
University of Economics and Innovation (Lublin, Poland)

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