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New entrepreneur:
Denislav Ivanov (Bulgaria)
Age: 23
Company name: (Start-up)
Sector of activity: Community, social and personal services

It was a great experience and I am confident that Im going to apply what I learned in the future.

Host entrepreneur:
Ilaria D'Anna (Italy)
Age: 37
Company website (3 years of experience)
Sector of activity: Community, social and personal services

The exchange was really effective as Denislav immediately demonstrated the ability to express his potential and create a sense of belonging to the team. Excellent ability to establish positive relationships with others and the environment around.

Period of exchange: 02/2023 until 05/2023
Duration of exchange: 3


Results and benefits


1 new country reached
1 new country reached
Social economy/responsible entrepreneurship/CSR


Denislav is an aspiring new entrepreneur who is launching "Sports for Every Day," a sports organization that focuses on wheelchair basketball for people with disabilities. The mission of the organization is to provide individuals with disabilities the opportunity to participate in collective adapted sports, with coaches trained abroad using modern methods and techniques. We aim to be the change we want to see in the world by giving people with disabilities a chance to showcase their talents.

Ilaria, the host, is the president at Reggio BIC, a well-organized Italian wheelchair basketball club. They are enthusiastic about spreading their positive example to people from all over Europe, sharing knowledge, competencies, and best practices to enhance inclusion in the sport.

The exchange objectives of Denislav and Ilaria were beyond understanding the foundations and management of an organization. They both expected to collaborate on communication, fundraising, partnership activities, and improving networking opportunities.

In line with the activity plan, the entrepreneurs focused on team building and relationship management. They also aimed to gain a general understanding of the foundations and management of financial and administrative issues and tasks. A significant portion of their collaborative efforts was dedicated to networking and promotional activities with the federation. They also reviewed and analyzed tournament and financial eligibility rules.

Denislav, with the daily support of his mentor, worked closely with sponsors and partners, engaging in general communication, negotiations, and promotion for inclusion in the sport. Additionally, they conducted desk research activities to identify potential partners, considering how to involve them and engage stakeholders. They also engaged in scouting and contacting new players to create new synergies and explore joint opportunities.

In addition to handling administrative and general management tasks, which provided Denislav with an understanding of club management and organization, both entrepreneurs had the opportunity to exchange new perspectives and ideas about marketing strategy and media publications. This collaboration enhanced their ability to meet and engage stakeholders, partners, and investors. They identified potential new partners and sponsors, and Denislav actively participated in negotiations. They also identified and engaged with players. All this was immensely helpful for Denislav to clarify the vision of his future business and also understand better what he has to work on before starting.

Overall, both Ilaris and Denislav had the chance to enhance their soft skills in managing and building good relationships, as well as team building. They worked on various media platforms and gained insights into marketing strategies. They also designed new fundraising opportunities and strategies, which gives great perspective to both of their activities.

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