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New entrepreneur:
Gabriele Cinti Muñoz (Netherlands)
Age: 28
Company name: Gabriele Cinti / (Start-up)
Sector of activity: Advertising,Promotion, Media

The experience was very successful as I learned how to make education with adults and use digital tools. I am also very happy that I learned how to use immersive realities (AR and VR) for education purposes. I found a new collaboration: workshop for teachers on how to use technology in class.

Host entrepreneur:
Christian Klang (Germany)
Age: 36
Company name: Learning Design / (5 years of experience)
Sector of activity: Education and training services

During this exchange we could successfully evaluate and test some educational media and methods and collaborate on several small projects in Berlin.

Period of exchange: 07/2021 until 10/2021
Duration of exchange: 4 months


Results and benefits


€ 3200 turnover increase (NE)
1 new job created
1 new country reached
Education and training


The new entrepreneur, Gabriele Cinti, opened his business in 2019, just before the pandemic started. Next, he was able to work as a video maker and educator with various clients (e.g., workshops with kids at the Refugee Centre in Wageningen). Gabriele was looking for a new challenge as he wanted to have more education-related jobs than video making. By Googling grants and opportunities for artists or youth, he found a unique opportunity in the EYE programme. Gabriele was excited by the chance to collaborate with a host entrepreneur and learn how to organize engaging digital and online education for adults.


The host entrepreneur, Christian Klang, is constantly looking for partners for inspiration and collaboration when it comes to workshop formats and events. In his opinion, these partnerships make educational programs more exciting for participants, richer in media content and tools, as well as better for learning transfer, and he personally learns a lot from these exchanges.

The two entrepreneurs talked a lot, discussing theories and ideas in education, and providing inspiring videos to each other. Gabriele suggested new ways for Christian to make videos for his website, whereas Christian showed Gabriele how to use a digital whiteboard effectively, with a particular focus on Miro. During Startup Class 2021, Gabriele was able to watch and help Christian organize and facilitate a project with students, and also take some photos for promotional purposes.


At the end of the EYE cooperation, the major project involved experimenting with an AR video using a 360° camera. The test was extremely interesting, and now both of them want to use this tool in the future. At the same time, another interesting research project was related to an online AR tool and how to use it for designing a treasure hunt. Gabriele and Christian are still at the beginning of testing this one, but they found that GitHUB/arjs is a great tool without the need for knowledge of coding.

Gabriele and Christian started to research the use of VR (Virtual Reality) to create a tour of a place or building. This is something they decided to look into in the future and keep searching for opportunities to test it. They have recently started a collaboration with Siemens, and as soon as the video is ready, they will try to convince Siemens to make a VR tour for the entire space, not just the prototype lab. So the cooperation has a lot of potential to continue.

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