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New entrepreneur:
Iwona Bielus (Poland)
Age: 33
Company name: Iwona Bielus (Start-up)
Sector of activity: Architectural, construction, engineering and inspection services

I am really happy and appreciate the opportunity to work with Cecile. I exchanged my experience and knowledge with her, learned new things, and developed new skills and creativity. I also became more self-confident.

Host entrepreneur:
Cecile de Villemeur (Canada)
Age: 42
Company name: Etudes Energie Environnement ALTO2 (ALTO2) / alto2.ca (15 years of experience)
Sector of activity: Architectural, construction, engineering and inspection services

Period of exchange: 05/2022 until 07/2022
Duration of exchange: 02/05/2022 - 29/07/2022


Business sector of the exchange


Sustainable construction consulting


Cecile de Villemeur specializes in sustainable construction, energy efficiency, and strategies. Cecile is the COO at a Montreal-based consulting firm specializing in sustainable construction, energy performance, and sustainable strategies. Iwona Bielus is a young entrepreneur from Poland, who’s working on developing her own company in the field of sustainable development in the construction sector. The profiles of Cecile’s and Iwona’s company were similar. It was the main reason they picked each other and started the EYE cooperation and exchanged Canadian and Polish experience in construction consulting. Their cooperation aimed to compare Polish and Canadian market trends as well as to increase and develop worldwide trends of sustainability. Cecile was experienced in running the company and was perfect to mentor a young entrepreneur like Iwona.

In Cecile’s opinion, her partnership with Iwona was brilliant as Iwona was committed to discovering the company and the sector in Quebec. Cecile presented Iwona with the structure of the company's documentation and let her discover new schemes she wanted to become familiar with. Iwona also contributed quickly to the company’s BREEAM consulting missions. This methodology ensures that buildings are compliant when it comes to sustainable construction, operation, and design. It is used to assess both in-use, renovation, and refurbishment schemes as well as new developments. Cecile had regular mentoring sessions with Iwona to work on her business. Their partnership was focused on broadening both the knowledge of sustainability, worldwide trends, and the awareness of the clients. Iwona got acquainted with Canadian certificates in sustainable construction, and Cecile with the Polish sector as well.

Working together on international projects under well-known international sustainable certification schemes was inspiring and productive for both of them. Iwona learned how to run and manage a business of construction, sustainability consulting, and working with international clients. She developed communication skills with international clients or investors involved in future projects. The exchange brought them mutual discovery another market, but culture as well. Both participants will apply the experience gained during the exchange in their companies and they decided to collaborate in the future. This is the perfect example of mutually beneficial collaboration within Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs Global.

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