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New entrepreneur:
Ashley Ling (United Kingdom)
Age: 27
Company name: Piece and Quiet | (Start-up)
Sector of activity: Crafts, art materials and accessories

Host entrepreneur:
Denise Blasevick (United States)
Age: 55
Company name: The S3 Agency | (25 years of experience)
Sector of activity: Advertising,Promotion, Media

Period of exchange: 10/2022 until 12/2022
Duration of exchange: 2months


Business sector of the exchange




Ashley Ling is a 27-year-old entrepreneur who founded "Piece and Quiet, an art puzzle company that works with British artists to create stunning puzzles that belong in a frame. Ashley spent his exchange with inspirational entrepreneur Denise Blasevick, who founded The S3 Agency, a branding and marketing agency based in New Jersey, USA, which provides marketing services to brands across many different sectors, including international brands. The collaboration provided Denise with new insights and opened up new strategic marketing experiences for Ashley.

According to Ashley, it was very insightful to be a part of management team meetings and gain first-hand experience of how Denise manages to make improvements and solve challenges within the company. The operating systems and ways of working are definitely something he will incorporate into his business to keep it on track as it grows, and to ensure that the team tackle issues head on to move the business forward. For him, it was great to work with an entrepreneur who is so open to feedback and who really cares about making her business the best possible place to work for her employees. Their partnership was very strong – from the first day Ashley started until he left two months later. They both quickly felt like they were on the same team and worked together on market research, brainstorming, client presentations, leadership, team meetings, system improvements and much more.

For her part, Ashley is pleased to see that Ashley learned much about the EOS entrepreneurial operating system, which is a set of simple concepts and practical tools used by companies around the world, and which Denise is introducing into her company. He learned about the operations of her business: as a company and as a marketing agency. He learned about the market in the US from both a business-to-business perspective and the consumer market where many of her clients sell. He learned about the company's proprietary approach to differentiating brand strategies. And he learned how Denise creates campaigns to support her clients' goals. The S3 Agency helps their clients differentiate their brand, and Ashely learned a lot from their creative process to help business owners unlock what makes them truly unique and communicate that through their brand. Although he has got his hands dirty in marketing in his own business, he does not have a professional background in marketing. So it was amazing to work with experts and thought leaders in branding, and he greatly admired their creative work. Denise and Ashley started by revamping their company’s sales automation, they developed an educational presentation about the future of the marketing industry, they solved internal and external problems. They also explored new industries for possible business expansion of Denise’s company and worked on creative campaigns for clients and much more!

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