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New entrepreneur:
Yuliia Starikova (Ukraine)
Age: 22
Company name: Buzzworhty Digital (Start-up)
Sector of activity: Advertising,Promotion, Media

Thanks to the Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs programme I gained incredible experience and learned about business management and the area with which my business will work very closely and gained new useful contacts.

Host entrepreneur:
Aysun Kubat-Bosnjak (Bosnia And Herzogovina)
Age: 44
Company name: Frizersko-Kozmeticki salon Aysun | https://frizkozm-aysun.wixsite.com/salon-aysun/about1-ccr7 (12 years of experience)
Sector of activity: Health, beauty and social services

Thank you for the great mentoring experience and the opportunity to look at my business solutions from the outside implementing new ideas.

Period of exchange: 08/2022 until 01/2023
Duration of exchange: 5 months


Business sector of the exchange


Advertising, Promotion, Media


Yuliia Starikova, 22, took part in the Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs programme. Her host was Aysun Kubat-Bosnjak, who owns 2 beauty salons in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Yulia had no experience in the beauty industry and was looking for a host who would help her learn all the intricacies of the industry and running a business. Aysun met her expectations. It was important for Yulia to find a mentor who would explain business procedures and management to her. At the same time, Aysun was looking for a new perspective on the development of her business and new ideas. After gaining practical skills in business, Yuliia will open her own company in Poland to promote projects in the beauty industry. After analysing the market, it was decided to expand PR to include other services. To this end, Yulia brought new skills and ideas to the development of Aysun's business.

Yuliia and Aysun worked together on the project for five months. During this time, they shared experiences and focused on studying the cross-cultural features of the development of the beauty industry in leading European countries. Aysun helped Yuliia adjust to Bosnia and familiarised her with the mentality of the country. Together they attended online seminars on business management and marketing. Yuliia gained exceptional knowledge about building and running a business and expanding the range of services. She learned a lot about the internal business processes in the beauty industry and about the tools to market in different countries. Aysun found many positive aspects of the exchange for herself. She got the opportunity to look at the development of her business in a new way, to get feedback on the service in her salons and to compare it with the service in Ukraine. The joint brainstorming sessions with Yuliia proved to be very productive.

After the end of the exchange, Yuliia wants to open her own marketing agency in Poland. As Yuliia is a Ukrainian citizen, it should not be very difficult to get a permit to open a business in Poland, but the difficulties with a new legal registration in another country still need to be overcome. Julia very much hopes that by the end of 2023 her company will be actively working with clients and the workforce will be full. Thanks to the EYE programme, she has gained excellent experience in all organisational issues that will help her to start a business from scratch. Yuliia is already implementing the knowledge she has gained to improve her business plan and plan the budget and deadlines. For Yulia, this is a great incentive to realise her plans and the most important thing is not to stop and put her knowledge into practice immediately. At the end of the programme, she stays in touch with Aysun and plans to promote Aysun's business as well!

For more information, please contact the local contact points involved in the exchange:

New entrepreneur's contact point:
Alfred Nobel University (Dnipro, Ukraine)

Host entrepreneur's contact point:
Udruzenje Zene za Zene International (Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzogovina)

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