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New entrepreneur:
Milena Jovović (Montenegro)
Age: 33
Company name: KlikerCo doo (Start-up)
Sector of activity: Education and training services

During this exchange I’ve learnt to reach new clients, keep them and make them loyal, how to develop effective sales and marketing methods, to optimise some business processes, implement different offers and services into billable products and expand the scale of value and promotional channels.

Host entrepreneur:
Vladimir Veličković (Serbia)
Age: 41
Company website (20 years of experience)
Sector of activity: Advertising,Promotion, Media

Milena inspired me with her ideas and motivation and I gave my best to help her as mentor. I also learned from her how young generation in Montenegro is thinking, planning and acting. We explored the possibilities to cooperate in promoting my new E-shop software for SMEs in Montenegro.

Period of exchange: 10/2022 until 12/2022
Duration of exchange: 2 months and 10 days


Business sector of the exchange


Business Administration


Milena Jovović is the founder of the education and development franchising company"KlikerCo” in Danilovgrad, Montenegro. She is interested in early childhood development and mental arithmetic. A child’s mind is prone to acquiring new knowledge and is eager to learn new skills and abilities. As a new entrepreneur participating in the programme, she wanted to improve her skills in sales, cycle management, service development, target groups, business relations and models, marketing and presentation, and workplaces systematization. During the exchange, she developed new services and expanded business cooperation with her host entrepreneur Vladimir Veličković. He is the founder of Solvion, a sales software for SMEs, and advises his clients on developing and evaluating business strategies and adapting business models. The offer is aimed at small and medium-sized enterprises that can achieve new growth through the optimisation of existing processes, analysis and business model corrections, digitalisation and automation, and innovation.

As a new entrepreneur, Milena received support from her host and his marketing/sales team where she had the opportunity to learn the exact daily tasks and goals of a successful business team, learning all the steps in the sales cycle, marketing tools for sales promotion and how to create sales and promotional content. Milena also received support from the conference and webinar organising team, where she learned the techniques of public speaking and direct sales and product presentation. Under Vladimir’s mentorship, she participated in planning and implementing various marketing strategies to attract new clients. Thanks to the mentoring sessions and participation in numerous sales team and client meetings, she gained insights into the basics of communication and how to properly formulate an offer and close a deal, but also how to segment the market, how to research the market and people's habits and gain insights into trends and industries that will work well in the future.

Thanks to the exchange, Milena developed a strategy to reach out to new clients and learned how to keep and retain existing ones. She also delved into more advanced methods for sales and marketing, learning how to set up appropriate business processes, how to turn different offers and services into billable products, and how to expand the scale of value and advertising channels.

For more information, please contact the local contact points involved in the exchange:

New entrepreneur's contact point:
Ulcinj Business Association (Ulcinj, Montenegro)

Host entrepreneur's contact point:
Business Incubator Novi Sad (Novi Sad, Serbia)

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