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New entrepreneur:
Tetiana Pylypchuk (Ukraine)
Age: 33
Company name: Poshurshymo / https://shurshannya.com.ua/ (Start-up)
Sector of activity: Education and training services

The win-win philosophy helps to build independent collaboration valuable for both businesses. I’ve got a lot of interesting experience and 100% used the opportunity to be mentored in my business ideas. I’ve got a lot of inspiration to boost my business idea and overview of development strategies.

Host entrepreneur:
Filip Brničević (Croatia)
Age: 34
Company name: O.A.ZA. - Sustainable Alternative to Community / www.oazainfo.hr (6 years of experience)
Sector of activity: Education and training services

We met just at the right time when we were preparing for a new Online Academy. NE had experience with the Online platform so she gave valuable input during the process. New experiences and exchange of knowledge were so useful for both of us.

Period of exchange: 04/2022 until 07/2022
Duration of exchange: 3 months


Results and benefits


1 new company created
10 new contacts
Education and training services


Tetiana Pylypchuk is a founder of Poshurshymo №1 educational platform for empowering women in Ukraine. Her idea is to develop a women’s community around the educational process of self-development. After 2 years of work on her own project she realised how important it is to gain new experience, share knowledge, and be open to the new ideas. She considered participation in this program to be the best opportunity to update her knowledge of similar businesses and create a strategic vision for her project. When the full-scale invasion of Ukraine began, Tetiana with her small child fled to Croatia. Soon she met Filip Brničević the President of NGO O.A.Z.A. – Sustainable Alternative to Community in Zagreb. O.A.Z.A. organises various activities for youth during which they can develop their potential and become exemplary carriers of sustainable social change. Filip and Tetiana decided to combine their knowledge in the creation of an online platform and course for young entrepreneurs.

From the first day of the exchange Tetiana and Filip started working on the course concept. During one of the meetings Filip explained how fundraising works at O.A.Z.A., what are the main funds, and has explained the application process, the main tricks and challenges. Subsequently they drew up a plan of fundraising activities for the next period. The second month of the exchange was even more productive. Tetiana and Filip started working on the positioning of the Oaza Academy – online educational platform. They defined course target audience competitors potential markets and business models and start working on the marketing strategy. Tetiana conducted Europe influencers market research to create a list of bloggers who can be valuable for collaboration and their future projects. During the last month they focused on creating the site together with a designer and a PR agent. They held many meetings to discuss the website create the mockup of its main page and design its first preview.

These 3 months of cooperation were quite intense and very productive for both parties as they were on the same page. Tatyana and Filip have made significant progress in launching the Entrepreneurship course: they have developed a concept PR and communication plan branding marketing strategy etc. The most challenging thing was to create a customer journey map a customer portrait and a business model but they managed to do it. Entrepreneurs benefited from each others experience in organization administration marketing financing and sales. With the help of Filip Tatyana understood how the organization works from the inside and built a plan for financing her project. She applied for 4 grants and was shortlisted for one of them out of 2600 applicants. As a result Tatiana has developed a sharp vision of how to build her business and combine her business model and a funding strategy. She realised that running a business can be fun and easy simultaneously while she can enjoy the process.

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INFORMO - Udruga za poticanje zapošljavanja, stručnog usavršavanja i obrazovanja (Vodnjan-dignano, Croatia)

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