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New entrepreneur:
Hysen Mataj (Albania)
Age: 24
Company name: Fotnet24 | https://fotnet24.com/ (Start-up)
Sector of activity: Advertising,Promotion, Media

This is a lifetime experience. For 2 months I not only had the chance to do the things that I'm educated in but also learned new things. EYE is a source of motivation innovation and creativity. Cant wait to restart the adventure with Square Marketing, this time in Albania!

Host entrepreneur:
Giovanni Bergamini (Italy)
Age: 33
Company name: Square Marketing | https://squaremarketing.it/ and https://squaremarketing.ae/en/ (5 years of experience)
Sector of activity: Advertising,Promotion, Media

In my opinion, this is one of the best experiences of my life! It helps us to discover new countries new business opportunities and culturally enriches all of us!

Period of exchange: 09/2022 until 11/2022
Duration of exchange: 2 months


Results and benefits


1 new company created
1 new country reached
1 new country reached
500 new contacts
Digital marketing, SEO, and Blogging


Hysen Mataj for the last six years has been working as a journalist:work in television, online, in his sports blog, but also in difficult terrains like oilfields helping SMEs to develop their activities. He discovered Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs with the support of "People’s First a human rights environmental NGO. They helped Hysen to activate his entrepreneurial mindset and understandthat through the programme he can show what he does best - creating platforms for people to showcase themselves and their businesses. Erasmus would represent a tough challenge because he needed to post in his blog, but also to be proactive in his daily tasks during his Erasmus experience. He often worked during the night, to keep his sports blog updated.

Giovanni is one of the CO-founders of Square Marketing. He already had previous experience with the EYEprogrammeas a New Entrepreneur in NYC. He opened his marketing agency together with two of his friends Nicholas Borin and Edoardo Rossignoli. Square Marketing’s ambition to become an international company matchedHysen’s objective to connect and promote people,this time by expanding their digital presence.

Square Marketing is a story of innovation. Hysen’s arrival in Cerea was the exact time when Square Marketing found its new home. Being new in the digital marketing area the CO-Founders of Square Marketing have achieved something special and innovative for the municipality of Cerea. New offices reflected their ambition to grow their entrepreneurship with new employees and also grow the quality of service. Giovanni expressed the ambition to make Square Marketing an International Company and the contribution of Hysen was to create the base knowledge for Square. The company now is present in one of the biggest markets in the world the Middle East as Square Marketing Middle East. CO-Founders of Square decided to go for Dubai after they had their first agreements and clients from the Middle East. The Dubai project started at the beginning of 2022 and Hysen comes to Square Marketing at the right time: in October Square Marketing officially opened its new Dubai company. In this moment many members of the team were involved in Dubai entry strategy. So Hysen was part of these activities, creating content for exhibitions in Dubai and UAE, events where Square Marketing could find new clients and new opportunities for the first time in the Middle East market. Hysen started to post on Square Marketing Middle East website and he also took care of the SEO of these posts and other SEO tasks for Italian clients of Square.

Square Marketing will be set in Albania! Giovanni and the guys will open an office in Tirana. Hysen’s work in Dubai market during the exchange influenced this decision. He also made a detailed description of the market of Tirana creating reports and taking feedback from every main actor in the country. This helped Square to understand the market behavior and the offer from the Albanian clients. Contacting experienced CEO-s and managers equipped both Giovanni and Hysen and all the team of Square Marketing won more knowledge and prepared them for new challenges in a growing market like Albania. This country will be the next step of Square Marketing internationalization process: Hysen will be involved in the project, as soon as it is implemented with his market know-how and digital skill in SEO and website.Hysen won precious experience in this exchange and this is an added value regarding with this project. Furthermore, he could help Square Marketing to find new clients in the country, promoting business networking for Square Marketing managers.

For more information, please contact the local contact points involved in the exchange:

New entrepreneur's contact point:
QENDRA PROTIK (Tirana, Albania)

Host entrepreneur's contact point:

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