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New entrepreneur:
Lala Mkrtchyan (Armenia)
Age: 41
Company name: Sarvor Tourism | (Start-up)
Sector of activity: Hotel, restaurant, tourism, travel services and wellness

The experience and knowledge I gained during this month is invaluable. I grew not only as a professional but also as a person. I understood many nuances of tourism and realised the gaps that my organisation has, which I will try to fill in the future.

Host entrepreneur:
Jasmina Moyses (Spain)
Age: 36
Company name: Travila | (4 years of experience)
Sector of activity: Hotel, restaurant, tourism, travel services and wellness

It was a pleasure to host Lala in Spain and make her part of our team. Lala had excellent expertise in product descriptions, which helped our clients to be more attracted to our product.

Period of exchange: 05/2022 until 06/2022
Duration of exchange: 1 month


Results and benefits


€ 2000 turnover increase (HE)
1 new job created
1 new country reached
1 new country reached
2 new contacts


Lala Mkrtchyan is a lecturer of geography and tourism at the Gavar State University, Armenia. In 2020, she followed her passion and established "Sarvor Tourism”, offering tourists and nature-lovers the unique experience of sharing the life of livestock keepers in the mountains. Just in the process of entering the market, Lala needed to understand the peculiarities of the tourism sector, the ways of managing such a business, and attracting foreign travellers. That is when Lala saw a post about "Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs” programme on Facebook and thought that participation in an exchange would be the perfect opportunity to expand her business, gain new international connections and customers. As a result, she connected with Jasmina Moyses, the founder of "Travila” holiday rental agency in Santanyí, Spain․ Jasmina was eager to share her entrepreneurial experience with Lala and in turn was looking to improve the marketing communications of her company and increase customer satisfaction.

So, the entrepreneurs began to collaborate focusing on creating the maximum value possible for both businesses in a short period. From the start, Lala engaged in advertising the holiday rental accommodations by preparing 10 announcements per week. It was of special interest to her as her company provides tents and other travel accessories for rent. She brought a new perspective to the description and promotion of the accommodations by using the storytelling method. Jasmina supported Lala’s learning during the exchange and helped enhance her understanding of the tourism industry in Spain and Europe in general. She also shared with Lala proven strategies for successfully running a business in this field providing services to both individuals and businesses and building partnerships.

The exchange has made a significant difference in the lives of both entrepreneurs. In only one month, Lala got to experience firsthand the daily challenges and opportunities of the entrepreneurial journey by having Jasmina as her mentor. She refined her approach to attracting foreign travellers and making connections with different industry players by visiting several of the local tourism organisations and attractions. The regular communication with Jasmina, the team, customers, and partners also developed Lala’s English writing and speaking skills. Jasmina on the other hand gained a fresh perspective on her business, improved the online and social media presence of the brand as planned, and generated an increased turnover of €2000. Most importantly, finding common points of interest and seeing the benefits of working together, the entrepreneurs have decided to continue cooperating in the future.

For more information, please contact the local contact points involved in the exchange:

New entrepreneur's contact point:
Jinishian Memorial Foundation (Yerevan, Armenia)

Host entrepreneur's contact point:
Innogate to Europe, SL (Madrid, Spain)

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