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New entrepreneur:
Vladan Ćetojević (Bosnia And Herzogovina)
Age: 22
Company name: Future Lines (Start-up)
Sector of activity: IT, office and communication equipment, services and supplies

Execute like there’s no tomorrow strategize as there will be!

Host entrepreneur:
Vladimir Konushliev (Bulgaria)
Age: 36
Company name: Gravital OOD (5 years of experience)
Sector of activity: IT, office and communication equipment, services and supplies

Love what you do!

Period of exchange: 02/2022 until 07/2022
Duration of exchange: 5.66


Results and benefits


€ 495 turnover increase (NE)
2 new jobs created
1 new country reached
1 new country reached
20 new contacts
IT, office and communication equipment, services and supplies


Vladan Cetojevic is a 22-year-old entrepreneur from Bosnia and Herzegovina. He studied electrical engineering and works in the field of digital marketing. Vladan has been interested in entrepreneurship since he was in school. The future lies in using technology to solve problems without creating new ones. That is why Vladan started his entrepreneurial journey. He decided to start his own business. In five years, Vladan wants his company to be a platform that helps people innovate, connect and create together. While searching for different opportunities that could help him develop a successful business story, Vladan discovered that there was a programme that could support his personal and professional growth while discovering a new country. At the end of 2021, he decided to join the programme EYE. Vladan saw this opportunity as a chance to learn about a new culture, learn a language and see a country that is culturally very similar to his own but not often mentioned.

Vladan received full support in Bulgaria from the host entrepreneur through coaching, mentoring, practical advice related to programming, and literature suggestions on relevant topics. The biggest discovery Vladan made during this exchange was that executing the work is only part of the whole journey. Much more work, skills, and efforts are needed for a project to become a reality in our dynamic world. The environment in Bulgaria was similar to the one he experienced in Bosnia and Herzegovina so he did not have to adjust too much culturally when it came to personal and professional life. Still, he met many different people from different parts of Europe and the world with whom he will stay in touch for future professional endeavours.

Vladan's exchange ended in July 2022. He is now back in Bosnia and Herzegovina, where he is working on new ideas with his colleagues from different fields of work. Vladan has expanded his knowledge in digital marketing and programming. He sees three main benefits he has gained from this programme: better communication and technical skills, new contacts and the freedom to shape and change the future. He is currently working on new ideas with my colleagues from different work areas. His projects will mainly impact the Western Balkan region. Having valuable contacts after the exchange makes expansion easier and more promising. Vladan has adapted his business plan to his capacities as his approach has changed. He recommends this experience to anyone brave enough to embark on an adventure full of unknowns, because entrepreneurship is just that - sailing in the dark and knowing that the land is somewhere nearby, along with a hidden treasure.

For more information, please contact the local contact points involved in the exchange:

New entrepreneur's contact point:
Udruzenje Zene za Zene International (Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzogovina)

Host entrepreneur's contact point:
Champions Factory (Sofia, Bulgaria)

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