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New entrepreneur:
Oksana Shamonova (Ukraine)
Age: 33
Company name: Vita Education / shamonova.wordpress.com (Start-up)
Sector of activity: Education and training services

Before diving into the EYE program I have clearly defined the motivation and results I want to receive. I got a great host and we’ve made a good match with Cesar and his team members, not only at work tasks and issues but also when spending free time together.

Host entrepreneur:
Cesar Blanco (Spain)
Age: 60
Company name: Academia Postal 3 Vigo, S.L. / www.postal3.es (30 years of experience)
Sector of activity: Education and training services

We discovered the EYE program with Ms Oksana Shamonova and really like it. As an educational entity we are grateful to her for bringing a complementary approach to our work and for reaching new countries where we have got interesting projects which help us and Oksana to grow further.

Period of exchange: 11/2020 until 04/2021
Duration of exchange: 5 months


Results and benefits


4 new contracts
7 new countries reached
6 new countries reached
20 new contacts
Education and training services


New entrepreneur Oksana Shamonova, previously a journalist and communication specialist, reached a point where she realized that she didn’t know her true purpose. Oksana decided to find out information about different international programs, where she may gain new expertise and check whether she could be an entrepreneur. Soon she found the EYE Programme and started her 5-month exchange with Spanish entrepreneur Cesar Blanco. She was passionate about educational initiatives and projects which aimed to boost international cooperation and decided to launch the Vita Education Learning Hub – an international non-formal education hub. Oksana wanted to implement best international practices in the education sphere. Thus, host entrepreneur Cesar Blanco was happy to collaborate with an aspiring entrepreneur, who shared the values of his organization — Academia Postal 3 Vigo. Cesar and his team provide online resources educational projects and consulting services, cooperating with governmental and private organizations.

During the 5-month exchange, Oksana and Cesar completed much more than originally planned. They attended trainings about international educational services, which helped them to expand their networks and establish partnerships with further joint development of educational projects and applications. They also improved the processe of creating educational programs/courses, including planning and writing the programme activity plan. Cesar has shared his solid experience in international education and training services, team structure, business planning and financial operations, as well as risk management and relations with grantees. For Oksana it was a great opportunity to acquire competencies and sufficient skills to make her own business idea come true. At the same time, she helped Cesar with operational tasks and supported Postal3 team with her skills. She shared her knowledge about the Ukrainian market and analyzed the opportunities for future Spanish-Ukrainian international cooperation.

The results of the EYE exchange show that the cooperation between the entrepreneurs was fruitful. Together with Cesar Blanco, Oksana developed 13 educational programs, modules and courses and applied for the funding. During the exchange, both entrepreneurs expanded the network of partners and contacts around Europe and established partnerships. Oksana gained new knowledge on business management and relations with grantees and improved her level of non-formal education methods performance. She improved her skills in business planning and financial operations, project management, and leadership. Cesar gained valuable experience about educational products on the Ukrainian market. Finally, Oksana decided to modify her initial business idea, focusing on more internationally demanded services. Both Oksana and Cesar were pleased with the experience and decided to continue the partnership after the end of the exchange. 

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