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New entrepreneur:
Polina Vasilenko (France)
Age: 38
Company name: HelioRec (Start-up)
Sector of activity: Energy, fuel, electricity and other sources of energy

Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs is one of those best program for new entrepreneurs and who want to get a real-life skills. Through the program I had the opportunity to have an excellent experience and gained a new knowledge that I will use in my startup development.

Host entrepreneur:
Joan Tarragó (Germany)
Age: 43
Company name: Ferntech (4 years of experience)
Sector of activity: Research and development equipment & services

It was a real pleasure to get to know Polina, not only for her entrepreneurial skills but also for her passion that she shows on what she does. I think that floating solar has a great future in the industry and this experience helped us to confirm it and understand some of its technological needs.

Period of exchange: 01/2022 until 04/2022
Duration of exchange: 3 months


Results and benefits


4 new countries reached
200 new contacts


Polina Vasilenko is a passionate environmental entrepreneur with two master's degrees in chemistry and renewable energy. As an active traveller and diver, Polina has seen many beautiful places destroyed by negative anthropogenic impacts, and based on her personal experiences and inner feelings, she decided to fundamentally change her professional career and do something useful for our planet. For this reason, she founded HelioRec. Joan Tarragó is the co-founder of FernTech, a company that unlocks the potential of off-grid energy by reducing the costs and logistical hurdles of deploying and maintaining hybrid energy systems. FernTech's Universal Monitoring and Control (UMC) technology allows operators to remotely maintain multiple systems at a lower cost than on-site maintenance and using any components from any manufacturer. For Polina, it was necessary to acquire more knowledge from more experienced entrepreneurs. Therefore, she decided to apply for the EYE programme and come to Germany to work with Joan at Ferntech.

Polina and Joan carried out several activities within the floating solar technology and monitoring system. Polina and Joan built and installed a floating solar power plant in Belgium and identified some points for improvement. Some best practises for the entrepreneur's path and how they can avoid some difficulties were shared. Polina and Joan also made some contacts in European countries such as Spain, Norway and Germany.

The main benefit for Polina and HelioRec was to better understand the acquisition process and how to improve the business plan. In addition, thanks to the exchange, Polina was able to generate over 200 leads and start discussions with partners in Europe. Polina and Joan now hope to build a floating solar project together with HelioRec and expand their activities in this new renewable energy sector.

For more information, please contact the local contact points involved in the exchange:

New entrepreneur's contact point:
Empow'Her (Paris, France)

Host entrepreneur's contact point:
ABUplus International GmbH (Berlin, Germany)

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