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New entrepreneur:
Augusto Aquilanti (Portugal)
Age: 26
Company name: N/A (Start-up)
Sector of activity: Education and training services

As a new entrepreneur, I consider that this experience has an extra value in the freedom of choice that the EYE program offers participants in terms of the host country and the Host and this undoubtedly makes it possible to further enrich the development of the business idea.

Host entrepreneur:
Agustin Jamardo (Spain)
Age: 34
Company name: Anceu Coliving / (10 years of experience)
Sector of activity: Education and training services

As a Host the plus that a program like EYE entails is allowing me to nurture my experience as an entrepreneur with interesting and innovative ideas that allow me to further expand my business. But even more so with the exchange of opinions on the functionality of my project.

Period of exchange: 09/2021 until 11/2021
Duration of exchange: 3 months


Business sector of the exchange


Hotel and tourism


Augusto Aquilanti's stay at Anceu Coliving was an incredible opportunity for him. As a new entrepreneur, he was able to get very close to his business idea and the help of his host entrepreneur Agustin Jamardo was incredibly valuable. They made interesting discussions about their visions and projects in rural hospitality and the positive impact on local structures. On the other hand, Augusto has discovered many forms of remote work that have shown Covid times a new way of living in contexts where mobility is difficult. The coliving/coworking universe is an innovative and really interesting idea for tourism development with a positive impact on remote areas, so the most important experience he had was undoubtedly the connection that entrepreneurs were able to make between guests from different parts of the world with the inhabitants of the small village where Augustin's coliving space is located.

The relationship that the entrepreneurs established enabled Augusto's business idea to develop optimally. The host entrepreneur advised him and showed him several examples of how the idea of coliving should be spread in rural areas. Augusto, for his part, believes that he has created several opportunities to connect Anceu Coliving with the local community. The idea of coliving as a new branch of the hotel industry still needs to be explored, and a good relationship between the different owners of spaces would lead to shared growth. This is the reason why the exchange between the host and the new entrepreneur seemed very promising from the beginning.

From a future perspective, the ideas of connecting between coliving in the world would work as a global growth strategy in what would undoubtedly be a future project. There is no single idea of how to run the business. Therefore, understanding that each coliving is unique because of its geographical and cultural location is a reason to connect ideas and proposals. The skills that Augusto and Augustin have developed are linked to this idea and, in the particular case of the new entrepreneur, have brought several extremely important skills to the hotel industry. He learned languages, administrative and management skills, how to deal with local producers, how to create projects with the community, how to solve specific problems of the city and how to propose the coliving space for the development of activities of cultural interest.

For more information, please contact the local contact points involved in the exchange:

New entrepreneur's contact point:
Conceptwin (Castelo Branco, Portugal)

Host entrepreneur's contact point:

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