Your local contact point

Your main contact throughout the Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs programme will be your local contact point. These entities are selected by the European Commission and they will guide you throughout your exchange: help you with your application, help you establish a successful relationship with a suitable entrepreneur as well as providing you with all the answers to your questions. You should choose a local contact point which is active in your region or in your country of residence. If you live in one of the few countries where there is no local contact point, you may want to register with a local contact point located in another European country of your choice.

You may be offered the opportunity to participate in an induction course to prepare you for your exchange.

Your local contact point will assess your application process. Once accepted, you will be able to search for an entrepreneur. A host entrepreneur's local contact point will also offer local assistance to visiting new entrepreneurs during their stay.
Please note that the published list of IOs may still be changed (updated). The changes will be made as swiftly as possible in order to ensure a smooth access to accurate information for users.

For a list of all organisations that have acted as local contact points in the programme, click here

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Anje.Young Entrepeneur National Association
Casa do Farol
4169-006 Porto

Contact person:
Mr José Cottim
Tel.+351 220000000
website »
Associacao Industrial Portuguesa - Camara de Comercio e Industria AIPCCI
Praça das Indústrias, 1301
1301 Lisboa

Contact person:
Ms Paula Alves
Tel.+351 213601136
website »
BETA-I Associacao Para A Promocaoda Inovacao E Do Empreendedorismo
Av Casal Ribeiro, 28
1000-092 Lisbon

Contact person:
Ms Edite Cruz
Tel.+351 934444548
website »
Centro de Empresa e de Inovação da Madeira / BIC Madeira
Pólo Cientifico e Tecnológico da Madeira, Penteada San Antonio
9020-105 Funchal

Contact person:
Mr Márcio Gouveia
Tel.+351 291723000
website »
Centro De Inovação Empresarial Da Beira Interior
Rua Combatentes Da Grande Guerra, Nº 62, 1º DTº
6200-076 Covilhã

Contact person:
Mr Paulo Costa
Tel.+351 275319150
website »
Rua Dr Pires de Lima, número 117, 5º esq
4200-433 Porto

Contact person:
Ms Margarida Silva
Tel.+351 915679236
website »
MADAN Parque
Rua dos Inventores
2825-182 Caparica

Contact person:
Ms Catarina Reis
Tel.+351 210438600
website »
Campus De Azurem Universidade Do Minho
4800 058 Guimaraes

Contact person:
Ms Marta Catarino
Tel.+351 253510596
website »
University Of Beira Interior
R. Marquês de Ávila e Bolama, 
6201-001  Covilhã

Contact person:
Ms Pedro Serrão
Tel.+351 275 319 700
website »
YEI - Agencia para o empreendedorismo e Inovação
Avenica da Republica n24A r/c D
2745-206 Lisbon

Contact person:
Ms Claudia Rodrigues
Tel.+351 214342872
website »