Your local contact point

Your main contact throughout the Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs programme will be your local contact point. These entities are selected by the European Commission and they will guide you throughout your exchange: help you with your application, help you establish a successful relationship with a suitable entrepreneur as well as providing you with all the answers to your questions. You should choose a local contact point which is active in your region or in your country of residence. If you live in one of the few countries where there is no local contact point, you may want to register with a local contact point located in another European country of your choice.

You may be offered the opportunity to participate in an induction course to prepare you for your exchange.

Your local contact point will assess your application process. Once accepted, you will be able to search for an entrepreneur. A host entrepreneur's local contact point will also offer local assistance to visiting new entrepreneurs during their stay.
Please note that the published list of IOs may still be changed (updated). The changes will be made as swiftly as possible in order to ensure a smooth access to accurate information for users.

For a list of all organisations that have acted as local contact points in the programme, click here

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Viale Giuseppe Fanin 48
40127 Bologna

Contact person:
Mr Giampaolo Pagliuca
Tel.+39 0516330040
website »
Via Piero Gobetti 101

Contact person:
Ms Enkelejda Halilaj
Tel.+39 0516398099
website »
Centro Studi Cultura Sviluppo""
Via N. Puccini 80

Contact person:
Tel.+39 057350444
website »
CESIE - European Centre of Studies and Initiatives
Via Roma 94
90133 Palermo

Contact person:
Tel.+39 0916164224
website »
Citta' Metropolitana Di Milano (Metropolitan City of Milan)
Viale Piceno 60
20129 Milan

Contact person:
Ms Loredana Martin
Tel.+39 0277404493
website »
Via Mariano Fortuny, 20
196 Rome

Contact person:
Ms Alessandra De Santis
Tel.+39 0632687425
website »
Consorzio Materahub Industrie Culturali e Creative
Via L. Einaudi 73/B
75100 Matera

Contact person:
Mr Raffaele Vitulli
Tel.+39 0835389438
website »
Dare Futuro Società cooperativa
Via Pistoiese 387/g
50145 Firenze

Contact person:
Ms Valentina Zinelli
Tel.+39 554220806
website »
Euroteam Progetti
Via della Spada 3
50123 Firenze

Contact person:
Ms Francesca Serra
Tel.+39 55281822
website »
Finanziaria Ligure per lo Sviluppo Economico FI.L.S.E. S.P.A.
Via Peschiera, 16
16122 Genova

Contact person:
Mrs Valeria Rainisio
Tel.+39 01065631
website »
Fondazione Politecnico di Milano
Piazza Leonardo da Vinci 32
20133 MILANO

Contact person:
Mrs Domenico Pannofino
Tel.+39 223992993
website »
via Santa Marta,18
23100 Milano

Contact person:
Ms Paola De Fortunatis
Tel.+39 0285155208
website »
FRIULI INNOVAZIONE, Centro di Ricerca e di Trasferimento Tecnologico
Via Jacopo Linussio 51
33100 UDINE

Contact person:
Tel.+39 0432629940
website »
LOGOS Società Cooperativa
Corso Ho Chi Min 107/A
97013 COMISO

Contact person:
Ms Cristina Dragoi
Tel.+39 0932731026
website »
Net in Action
Via pier de Crescenzi, 37
40131 Bologna

Contact person:
Ms Dorotea Zjalic
Tel.+39 03495222026
website »
Via G.Porzio n.4 - Isola G1 - scala D int.16
80135 Napoli

Contact person:
Ms Angelapaola Paradiso
Tel.+39 815529149
website »
PromoFirenze, Special Agency of the Chamber of Commerce of Florence
11 Via del Castello D'Altafronte
50122 Firenze

Contact person:
Mr Laura Tettamanti
Tel.+39 0552671452
website »
Unione Regionale delle Camere di Commercio, I.A.A. del Veneto - Eurosportello Veneto
Via delle Industrie 19/6

Contact person:
Tel.+39 0410999411
website »
UNISCO Network per lo Sviluppo Locale
Via Niccolo' Piccinni 24
70122 BARI

Contact person:
Mr Massimo Avantaggiato
Tel.+39 0805228076
website »